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Monitoring remote in December, 2015 in proof field

 We maintained the system which monitored proof field of the Kabeshima, Karatsu-shi offing from remoteness in proof field administration-based MATSRA.

 In this way, we support company using proof field.

 The following is state of monitor. 


The camera day


We maintained the weather, walrus observation equipment having the nation's first Doppler rider function in November, 2015

We maintained the weather, walrus observation equipment (as follows "rider buoy") which collected the weather, walrus data such as marine fukyo, surge, tide  as part of the sea energy industrial promotion business in 2015.

 We installed rider buoy in proof field of the Kabeshima, Karatsu-shi offing for a certain period of time (from November 7 to November 20) and we managed and tested and confirmed performance of apparatus.

 Rider buoy will support company aiming at practical use of marine renewable energy including marine wind-generated electricity in future.


[Radha buoy specifications] 


Seawatch Wind Lidar Buoy

 Rider buoy illustrated map 

Image offer: Fugro OCEANOR AS.


2. 8m

Overall height

6. 3m

The amount of surface of the water

2. 8m


1. 6t (the body)

Measurement data

Wind velocity, direction of the wind, wave height, wave period, wave direction, speed, ryumukito

Constitution of apparatus

The rider buoy body

Middle buoy


Wire & chain


・fukyo, surge, tide measurement are possible with one apparatus

・We have Doppler rider function (※ reference).

・Independent measurement (battery - deployment), data communication possibility

・In comparison with fukyokan* tower, it is superior on cost side.

・Setting, collection are possible


※Fire laser beam, atmospheric dust. Function to receive borrowed light from fine particles, and to measure moving speed for the wind velocity. It is fukyokan*kano to marine an altitude of 12.5m - 300m


Fugro OCEANOR company

                                                                                             NPO corporation matsura       

 As administration actor of March 9, 2015 proof Field          

                    Non profit organization MATSRA! Establishment 

  Based on "future approach policy about marine renewable energy utilization promotion" of country, non profit organization MATSRA was established as administration actor of proof field.

 Fishery, energy, industry is composed of expert of each field, and put MATSRA together with operational management of proof field of country and is group established for the purpose of contributing to public increase and development of community through activities such as promotion of fundamental researches and technology of sustained fishery.


Proof preparations of floating form tide, wind power hybrid generation system "skwíd" becoming the proof field first unit in November, 2014 are performed.

 By MODEC Inc., temporary setting construction for proof preparations of world's first floating form tide, wind power hybrid generation system "skwíd" (sukuiddo) is carried out.



sukuiddo photograph

State (the Kabeshima, Karatsu-shi offing) of preparations  



 In "proof field" of July 15, 2014 "country choice"

 The choice result of marine renewable energy proof field was announced on 15th on 7th by country, and Saga sea area was appointed in "proof field" of country. For details, please see the Cabinet Secretariat synthesis marine policy headquarters announcement materialWith new window.

  We received this, and Governor Furukawa announced comment. 


(Governor Furukawa comment)

 Kabeshima, Karatsu-shi offing sea area was officially chosen as marine renewable energy "proof Field" of country today. We feel very happy as Saga.

 Saga pushed forward approach with local fishery-related all of you, hometown Karatsu-shi for invitation of "proof field" of country until now.

 In addition, we were blessed with proprietor who had you show intention that you wanted to work on proof experiment quickly in the sea area concerned.

 It is tamamono of cooperation named mint of people concerned and support, and this result expresses sincere appreciation.

 We want to bring up pigeon in unusual "field" where it is said in Saga Nara that there is not elsewhere as the ocean renewable energy advanced prefecture in future while making use of strength only in this sea area where we worked on in collaboration with fishery-related all of you in "proof field" invitation.


 ・The choice office action from country 

   Marine renewable energy proof field choice office action With new window

        (we increase when we click) 




 We gathered result of "environmental influence survey" in March, 2014. 

 Because floating form tide, wind power hybrid generation [skwíd (sukuiddo)] proof business in Saga sea area was decided, Mitsui Ocean Development and Engineering Co.,Ltd. which was company carried out environmental influence survey from consideration to local environment during period in 2013. We gathered the result.

 Please refer With new windowto attached file for summary.



 Toward "proof field" of February 25, 2014 "country invitation "Saga plan" suggestion"

 Toward invitation to the prefecture of marine renewable energy "proof field" of country, Governor Furukawa suggested "Saga plan sea energy Ver." which gathered up effective countermeasures which aimed at area promotion through upbringing of practical use and the ocean industry of the ocean renewable energy for Yamamoto Cabinet Office marine policy Minister of State for Special Missions.


 1 submission date and time Tuesday, February 25, 2014 from 17:00 to 17:15

 2 presenter Saga the Governer Furukawa () * ((Furukawa and sushi))

 3 submissions Cabinet Secretariat synthesis marine policy headquarters 

 Shameless person of 4 receptions Cabinet Office marine policy Minister of State for Special Missions Yamamoto () one () (yamamotoichita)


   Governor Furukawa who submits application to Minister Yamamoto State of video promotion

       (Governor Furukawa submitting application to Minister Yamamoto)     (state of the marine renewable energy spread enlightenment video promotion)


 ※About contents of plan, it is Saga plan sea energy Ver. With new windowPlease refer to this. 



 May 16, 2013 "proof business decision"                                                                                                      "Is the first in the world"; floating form tide, wind power hybrid generation [skwíd] presentation (Tokyo)

  1 date and time: Thursday, May 16, 2013

  2 places: The Capitol Hotel Tokyu 

  3 attendants: 

      Saga               Saga the Governer Yasushi Furukawa

     Saga ocean renewable energy meeting chairperson Kazumasa Kawasaki

                  (representative of Genkai, Saga fishermen's cooperative association director ealdorman)

     MODEC Inc.'s president shrine Toshiro Saki

     General marine policy headquarters advisor meeting (the government) chairperson Hiroshi Komiyama

      (Mitsubishi Research Institute's director, platinum plan network chairperson)

     Use of ocean energy resources promotion mechanism (OEA-J) chairperson Ken Kinoshita




  4 guest greetings (general marine policy headquarters advisor meeting (government) chairperson) Hiroshi Komiyama 

 It is Komiyama. Thank you for having you gather a lot.

We worked as chairperson of well-informed person by the second marine basic plan as having been introduced  me, a while ago.

We placed wind-generated electricity on the ocean as one of the most important things while we said that it was industrial  in that to be environment and security and this thing that three should make as country.

 At that time, we do ocean current generation together in wind-generated electricity and that of such floating form that the first new form is on the sea very timely in the world and few is with trusting to chance of wind power with picking there up ocean current as weight is necessary, or, also, wind-generated electricity will become stable reducing instability when we appear in offing.

There are many  places that say several percent or 10% when is ground, but it is in rate of operation more than 40% nearer 30% when do well, and very of efficiency when will become good, expect very much.

In addition, problem with fishery is the first problem when we are going to do this ocean wind power so that  fishery-related representative is identified from what is attended today.

However, it is our opinion that wind-generated electricity does not necessarily stand opposite  to fishery.

It  is constituted natural gathering place for fish, or people of the sea can step back how here when we make delicious and expect income for wind to say that there will be new style to be provided very much in that.

 With the above we want to end expression of expectation.


  5 presentation

   For more details, please see this (publication page of distribution material).


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