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We publicized Saga Prefecture's endeavors at event of domestic the largest renewable energy held in Tokyo

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 Collaboration did approach of the ocean renewable energy of Saga by Saga and industry-university co-operation combination of Saga University ocean energy research center in "the tenth renewable energy world exhibition" where domestic and foreign researchers and proprietor gathered to all members and publicized. Exhibition was the second secondary to last year, but collaboration with Saga University was the first attempt.

 We spread domestic and foreign researchers or companies, and there were more than 37,000 visitors in venue, and many people concerned visited booth of Saga and were asked about voice of expectation to the ocean renewable energy much.

 We participated in "the tenth ocean energy resources forum" that it was hosted by renewable energy meeting and, on the last day, gave presentation by approach of Saga.


[exhibition summary of Saga] 

  (1)Period    From Wednesday, July 29, 2015 to Friday, July 31

          Holding time from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  (2)Venue    Tokyo Big Sight west 1.2 hall

  (3)The number of the visitors     37,402 (sponsor announcement preliminary figure)

 (4)About 650 number of Saga booth west 2 hall R2-231 visitors

 (5)University researcher, research institute, government offices, company, financial institution of class of visitors home and abroad,



 [main comment]

  ・We came to see following last year. We expect for approach of Saga.

  ・Saga-shi is eager in renewable energy, and Saga is image trying hard.

  ・It is great that the local government exhibits while there is much private enterprise.

  ・Such an excellent facility (Saga University ocean energy research center) being in Saga

   We did not know.



State of exhibition

Opening ceremony  Saga booth

 (opening ceremony)           (Saga booth)


 State of Saga booth  We visit from foreign person

 (state of Saga booth)          (from foreign countries interest) 


The Saga staff who gives a lecture in forum 

 (state of announcement in forum) 



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