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Summary of "Kenmin Kyodo guideline" to work on together

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   It is demanded only in administration including decentralization, response to aggravation, declining birth rate and the graying, environmental conservation and de-industrialization of the local government finance, correspondence to a variety of citizen of the prefecture needs that we solve area problem with limit. On the other hand, toward self-realization and social problem solution, voluntary various Civil activities becomes active.
 In such situation, it is necessary to push forward the prefectural making of by a variety of main constituents constituting society. One technique is "Kenmin Kyodo".

 In Saga, we placed 2004 as "the Kenmin Kyodo first year", and CSO collaborated with the prefecture and devised "- which made society which work "Kenmin Kyodo guideline" - citizen of the prefecture who became independent assisted together".

 We push forward environment maintenance that the CSO raises the management (management) ability in organization at the same time as we make use of this guideline and pile up practice of participation, collaboration, and the administration pushes forward administrative and financial reform, promotion of decentralization, "self reform" such as deregulation and is voluntary, and to work lively voluntarily, and vitality aims at the making of civil society which there is together.

 In addition, please see corresponding file (PDF file) for more information about Kenmin Kyodo guideline.

With note) CSO: By abbreviation of Civil Society Organizations (civil society organization), we refer to "CSO" including women's society, old man society, organization, group such as PTA not only NPO corporation, Civil activities, volunteer group.


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