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Prefectural tax interest percent

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Prefectural tax interest percent is a part of the personal prefectural tax levied in the case of payment such as interest of deposits and savings.


●Person who puts

Individual who receives payment of interest from bank or post office located in the prefecture


●Sum to pay

5% of paid interest (in addition, income tax (national tax) is about to be 15.315% of tax rates.)


It is ... with ... interest
Profit of finance similar goods such as reserve fund paying interest at regular intervals, gold interest-bearing account, single premium endowment insurance is included in prize money such as prize money deposits and savings belonging to other than interest of bonds and deposits and savings, too. (interest such as specific bonds which should receive payment after January 1, 2016 is excluded from taxation object of interest percent allotment percent it becomes taxable. Specific bonds are government bonds, local bond, foreign loan, foreign local bond, open call for participants bonds.)


●Tax exemption

There is the following tax exemption system (when we use tax exemption system, please adopt procedure in financial institutions).


 Division  Type  Limit
 Interest that it costs to family of mother and child or person with a physical disability

 Small deposit tax exemption system (the tax-free small-sum savings system)

 Non-taxable small public bond system (special tax-free small deposits system)

 Postal savings tax exemption system (acceptance before September 30, 2007)

3.5 million yen

3.5 million yen

3.5 million yen

Interest of property formation savings that worker performs 

  Property formation house savings

  Property formation pension savings

5.5 million yen in total
Interest that non-resident or alien corporation receives payment 
Interest that it is said to that it is tax-free in the income tax 



●Report and the tax payment

Financial institutions settle share every month and they report to the prefecture by 10th in the next month and put.


●Grant to municipalities

In prefectural tax interest percent delivered to the prefecture, 59.4% of things paid in individuals are issued for municipalities in the prefecture.


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