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Type of prefectural tax

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What is prefectural tax?

 Country and local public entity (the metropolis and districts and the municipalities) provide "public service" including social security, education, the police and firefighting to follow road and water and sewage, health and life using in living routinely, and, as for us, form of "tax" bears these expenses.
 In other words, must pay tax to live as social member; is, so to speak, thing such as "membership fee".

 As we who are social member enjoy receive benefits by public service widely, you must share the burden fairly together.

 Therefore, invention to put income tax, consumption taxation, assets taxation together by appropriate method depending on receive benefits and character of burden in a good balance is performed. It is thing by such a reason that has a various types of "tax" for a mouthful even if we untie.


Type and summary of prefectural tax

 In prefectural tax, there are the following things.

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Items of taxation


Ordinary tax

Direct tax

Personal prefectural tax
(per capita rate, income percent)

Person living in the prefecture and person establishing offices in the prefecture put in each municipality with citizen of municipalities tax.
We put citizen of municipalities taxes together and are called residence tax generally (per capita rate, income percent).

Personal prefectural tax
(allotment percent)

We are taxed to dividend such as listed stocks, and paying companies pay allotment to the prefecture.

Personal prefectural tax
(stock transfer income percent)

We are taxed in capital gains such as listed stocks in withholding taxes choice account, and brokerage firms managing account deliver to the prefecture.

The forest ecotax

We have you add to per capita rate of personal prefectural tax, corporation prefectural tax for resources to protect the important forest, and to bring up and put. 

Corporation prefectural tax

We do not establish office, office in corporation and the prefecture establishing office, office in the prefecture, but corporation establishing dormitory, lodging puts. (per capita rate, corporation tax percent)

Prefectural tax interest percent

It takes for interest of deposits and savings such as financial institutions. We put through financial institution.

Personal enterprise tax 

We put sum that hung tax rate that accepted business for income in the previous year when individual who establishes office, office in the prefecture, and performs constant business got from the business. 

Corporate enterprise tax

We put sum that corporation which establishes office, office in the prefecture, and performs business hung tax rate that accepted income amount of money or income amount of money. 

Real estate acquisition tax

When we acquired land and building, it takes. 

Automobile tax environmental performance percent

When we acquired car, it takes. 

Automobile tax classification percent

It takes for possession of car (light car is excluded).
Owner of car as of April 1 pays set amount for one year every year. 

Mine-lot tax

It hangs over person given right (mining right) to mine mineral buried underground. 

Property tax

It hangs over thing more than certain sums in such a property tax (depreciable assets) in municipalities. 

Nuclear fuel tax

We establish nuclear reactor for generation and take when we inserted nuclear fuel.
Saga receives agreement of country and taxes originally.

Indirect tax

Local consumption tax 

It is tax to depend on sales of products and service in the country like consumption tax (national tax). Tax rate is 1.7% of price.

Prefectural tobacco tax

 When manufacturer of production cigarette, authorized distributor or wholesale distributor sells cigarette to retailer in the prefecture, it takes. 

Use of golf course tax

When we used golf course, it takes. 


It is applied to amount that we made taking care of of light oil. 

Object tax

Direct tax

Hunting tax

When we receive registration of shooter, it takes (used to protect the birds and beasts).

Indirect tax

Waste-end tax

When we carried in industrial waste to disposal ground, it takes (spent for environmental measure). 

※1 ordinary tax and object tax: The former is tax that tax, the latter that application is not identified are identified.

※2 direct taxes and indirect tax: Tax, the latter that person bearing tax puts the former directly are taxes to put after experiencing other people not people bearing tax.


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Reference of prefectural tax

We accept detailed inquiry about prefectural tax in the following offices.


Figure of 20190814 correction Saga prefectural taxKaratsu Prefectural Taxation Office access

<Saga Prefectural Taxation Office>


8-1, Hacchonawatemachi, Saga-shi (Saga synthesis government building)

<telephone> 0952-30-3161 - 5,8 

<territory> Saga-shi, Tosu-shi, Taku-shi,

Ogi-shi, Kanzaki-shi, Kanzaki-gun, Miyaki-gun


<Karatsu Prefectural Taxation Office>

3-1-5, Futago, Karatsu-shi (Karatsu synthesis government building)

<telephone> 0955-73-1551

<territory> Karatsu-shi, Higashimatsuura-gun

Takeo Prefectural Taxation Office accessSaga Prefectural Taxation Office (automobile tax) access

<Takeo Prefectural Taxation Office>
265, Takeochoshowa, Takeo-shi (Takeo synthesis government building)
<telephone> 0954-23-3103 - 6
<territory> Takeo-shi, Imari-shi, Kashima-shi, Ureshino-shi,

Nishimatsuura-gun, Kishima-gun, Fujitsu-gun

<Saga Prefectural Taxation Office automobile tax section>
2-7-5, Wakakusu, Saga-shi
<telephone> 0952-30-1511
<charge> automobile tax classification percent, automobile tax environmental performance percent relations

※It is limited to payment by self-assessment at the time of car registration


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