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Meal balance guide, dietary guideline

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With meal balance guide

Convenient tool that it is revealed "what" we should eat "how long" per day at first sight.
We compare to top and show each appropriate amount by illustration clearly to be able to take in combination staple food, vice-greens, main dish, milk, dairy products, food of 5 groups of fruit in a good balance.


The eating habits balanced for health maintenance

"Meal balance guide" of "top" have a shape. Became stable as moderate exercise met the balanced eating habits, is healthy, and express what can live a life filled with vitality.


We check own eating habits at first sight

In top, quantity and combination of meals becoming indication to take per day are described in illustration.
By comparing meal which oneself has routinely with illustration, quantity of own meal is appropriateness or can judge at first sight whether you do not take too many.


Let's keep balance by meal of three times a day

In "meal balance guides", I am on the basis of taking nourishment balance as unit on 1st. Let's try to distribute staple food, vice-greens, main dish well, and to take appropriate quantity.

Balance guide


Practice! How to build meals

Staple food, vice-greens, main dish in a good balance

In "meal balance guides", we classify dishes and food roughly into staple food, vice-greens, main dish, milk, dairy products, five dishes division called fruit. It is revealed that the Japanese model eating habits that put a variety of ingredients together mainly on rice are easy to take balanced meal.

One (SV) indication

Image of staple food When it is "one" (SV) standard, staple food sets that carbohydrates coming from the main materials such as rice, bread, noodles are 40 g. Rice is light in bowl, and it is around one cup, commercial rice ball one.
Image of boiled greens with dressing Vice-greens mainly on vegetables are "one" (SV) at one dish of about 70 g including boiled greens with dressing.
Image of main dish Protein coming from fish, meat, egg is about 6 g, and main dish is "one" (SV). If it is egg one, grilled fish, January 2 sharpness is indication.
Image of milk Milk, dairy products are 100 mg of calcium, and, "one" (SV), half of the milk glasses are indications.
Image of mandarin orange As for the fruit, weight is about 100 g, and, "one" (SV), one mandarin orange, half of the apples are indications.


※Ingredients divide rice into main dish and vice-greens to staple food by quantitative standard of each division, and let's count about dishes which main dish, vice-greens came to have same as staple food like curry and rice and oyakodon, pasta.
[curry and rice] Two staple food, two vice-greens, two main dishes
[oyakodon] One two staple food, vice-green, two main dishes
[spaghetti (Neapolitan)] One two staple food, vice-green

For more details, please see homepage of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare We open with the other window(external link)


Dietary guideline

Let's enjoy meal.

  • Let's press healthy life expectancy with everyday meal.
  • We chew well slowly while tasting delicious meal, and let's eat.
  • Also, let's participate in the making of meal by pleasure of home life of family and interchange with people carefully.

Life rhythm that is healthy from rhythm of one-day meal.

  • Let's begin 1st that was active for breakfast.
  • It will prevent you from taking too many midnight snack and snacks.
  • Let's keep drinking within bounds.

Maintenance of the weight appropriate by moderate exercise and good meal of balance.

  • We always measure the weight, and let's be careful about quantity of meal.
  • We are always conscious and will move body.
  • Let's stop impossible weight loss.
  • Of particularly young woman get thinner, and let's be careful about hypoalimentation of elderly person.

On the basis of staple food, main dish, vice-greens balance of meal.

  • Let's put a variety of food together.
  • It will prevent cooking method from being partial.
  • Let's combine eating out and processed food, cooking food with handcrafting well.

Grains such as rice well.

  • Every meal will keep energy intake from sugar with grains appropriately.
  • Let's use grains such as rice which is suitable for Japanese climate, climate.

Put vegetables, fruit, milk, dairy products, beans, fish together.

  • In a good vegetables and everyday fruit, let's have vitamins, mineral, dietary fiber.
  • In milk, dairy products, green vegetable, beans, small fish, let's take calcium enough.

Salt and fat are modest, and fat regards quantity as quality

  • Let's moderate food and dishes with much salt. As for the target value of salt intake, less than 7 g are done in women less than 8 g a day in men.
  • Let's take fat derived from animal, plant, fish in a good balance.
  • On seeing nourishment ingredient indication, let's acquire custom to choose food and eating out.

Keep food culture in Japan and local product alive, the succession of taste of native district.

    • We value food culture including "Japanese dishes" in Japan, and let's make use in the daily eating habits.
    • Let's enjoy blessings of nature and change of the four seasons while using local product and seasonal foods, and taking in event foods.
    • Let's acquire knowledge and cooking technology about ingredients.
    • We will convey dishes and manners that have been inherited at area and home.


The eating habits carefully in food resources with a few waste and disposal.


  • Let's reduce food loss that is disposed though it is still eaten.
  • With cooking and preservation as the left side of the stage, let's keep appropriate amount without leftover in mind.
  • We think, and let's take advantage of the expiration date and expiry date.

We deepen understanding about "meal" and will review the eating habits.

  • Let's value the eating habits since childhood.

  • In home and school, area, we deepen knowledge and understanding about "meal" including safety of food, and let's wear desirable custom.

  • We think about the eating habits and will talk with family and friend about.

  • We make their health target, and let's aim at the better eating habits.

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