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Recommended reference materials


Song of chopsticks

  Takashi Fukuyama (mountain Takashi boiling over) of nutrition instructor chosen in 2008 by work person of local production for local consumption. We are particular about local ingredients as possible in cooperation with lunch vendor at school started for the new post and it is from the prefecture and is made an effort for establishment of the system to supply lunch to.    

 Mr. Fukuyama is written a song of, and there is "song of chopsticks" that elementary school teacher Samiko Aoki was arranged. In Japan, it is melody that is easy to get close to all of you by parody of "gombesanno baby". It is sure that it becomes medium which is effective for Dietary education activity♪ 

 It is contents which said that it is, "we can eat rice deliciously when we spend for way of holding and the left side of the stage of chopsticks" and can learn how to use chopsticks happily when we tell.

 Please use in various scenes.



I received impression of "song of chopsticks" from elementary school of outside the prefecture! 


"We have" CD

  Kensuke Yugeta worked on based in Saga is voluntary produced song for child.

Live is developed in school or PTA in "life and concert of dream" in performance while taking a trip to the whole country as "chorus composer of roam". "Concert of life and dream" was performed publicly before in shinsakishiritsujinhisanshogakuko.
The bare ni lyrics are prepared into letter of children of Takeo nursery school and are song which meaning of "importance of breakfast" and "we will have" was included in.
As our section has CD, we loan out if you want. Please contact.


※"Homepage of Kensuke Yugeta" → We can watch "we will have" with "audition and score of music". We open with the other window(external link)


Dietary education guide

 It is brochure which we can learn in health, the eating habits, lifestyle, production, distribution, many divergences including culture both children and adults. Dietary education guide whom Cabinet Office announced in 2012 will be marketed.
Contact information Social insurance publishing company Kyushu bureau TEL: 092-413-7407

Dietary education activity power - practice - to live to bring up in guide food of practicing

 "The main story of basis", "kindergarten, nursery school" explains "school" through concrete example about how to build aim, plans of Dietary education, how to build organization, systems, point of process of practice activity by four copies of constitution of "area edition" clearly.
 Including "meal net Tosu" that won the highest award by "Dietary education contest 2006 that took root in area", we publish 15 approach examples that chose from in prefecture and the whole country. Please inflect as reference book for Dietary education activity practice widely.
※We are available in main bookstores of the whole country and Rural Culture Association Japan.
List price 1,400 yen (tax-included)


      Rural Culture Association Japan Kyushu, Okinawa Branch TEL: 092-282-8550

  Saga dietician society          TEL: 0952-26-2218

  Saga Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division         TEL: 0952-25-7096


From Saga "power to live to bring up by meal"

 Children are interested in food to be spiritually rich, and to live vigorously since it was small, and there wants to be how to eat that each one matched oneself.
 You can utilize this text as guidebook for leader who gathered up food and relations of body, way of thinking of Dietary education including natural environments and life to bring up food or basic knowledge.
[the list price] 2,000 yen (tax-included)



Saga dietician society TEL: 0952-26-2218 Fax: 0952-26-5249
〒840-0842 4-13-11, Tafuse, Saga-shi


Dietary education manual in school

 It is manual for schools which we made in Saga Board of Education.



Saga Education Bureau Health and Physical Education Division health education charge TEL: 0952-25-7234 Fax: 0952-25-7322
〒840-8570 1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi


Meal agriculture education promotion book "we protect brains one of grandmother"

 We spend tradition and the skill, farming including event food recipe every season that have been inherited in farmhouse and farm village from the old days and monthly gather up about meal.
[issuance] *jojikunosambutsuchokubaisho, processing place contact meeting (wave *jo love net)
[the list price] 1,000 yen (tax-included)
<we can purchase in the following farm products direct sale place>
 soyokaze building (Taiwa-cho, Saga-shi), village of fireflies (Ogi-shi), village (Taku-shi) of bansen, the morodomi first building (Saga-shi Morotomi town),
 mahoroba market (Taiwa-cho, Saga-shi), excellent village taste intellect [it rises more] (Ogi-shi 3rd Tsukicho), pyonta (Ashikaricho, Ogi-shi),
 Village contact evening City (Ushizucho, Ogi-shi) of mason, village (Higashiyoga town) of rainbow, taste ran building (Kubota-cho)
Village of farm products direct sale place fireflies
Ogimachiiwakura, Ogi-shi TEL/FAX: 0952-72-5114

Because "plan of Dietary education" for nursery school, kindergarten making manual "cultivates the basics of power to run meal" (PDF file)

 Manual for "plan of Dietary education" in nursery school, kindergarten making. We introduce "plan of Dietary education" example and Dietary education program in the prefecture, agriculture experience, Tourist Farm facility.
 "Plan of Dietary education" for nursery school, kindergarten making manual With new window(1,950KB, PDF file)

Saga Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division TEL: 0952-25-7096

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