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     Affiliate, companies such as consumers, producer, education, social welfare, medical care, CSO (civil society organization) who worked on Dietary education in the prefecture on April 29, 2006 and administrations gathered, and "Dietary education network saga" was established.

 Various people concerned approving of purpose of Dietary education gather, and "Dietary education network saga" each brings each resource (resources, characteristic) and is intended that we cooperate in equal position and promote Dietary education together. We plan communalization of cooperation and information of affiliate and, through Dietary education, work on mental and physical health promotion of citizens of the prefecture and cheerful community improvement.

 If it is group or engine, company, group approved of in purpose, we can join freedom anytime. We look forward to participation of everybody. (membership fee unnecessary) 

 We provide various information (information magazine) and Dietary education-related information about Dietary education from the secretariat when we become member. In addition, we introduce approach of member in homepage or other public information mediums. We can participate in Dietary education network seminar, workshop hosted by saga.

  • Dietary education network saga establishment general meetingPromotion of Dietary education citizen of the prefecture exercise

The enrollment application

We submit the enrollment notification form (the following file) to the secretariat

The secretariat: Saga Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division Dietary education, measurement charge
    〒840-0815 3-2-11, Tenjin, Saga-shi
    Telephone 0952-25-7069 FAX0952-24-9567
    E-mail: [email protected]


List of members

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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

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