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Dietary education network saga terms

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Chapter 1 basic rule

This Article 1 meeting names Dietary education network sagato.

It is intended that we contribute to the spread, promotion of Dietary education in home, area, facility, office by this Article 2 meeting planning information exchange and cooperation such as group, engine, company moving into action about Dietary education, and performing support to enlightenment, reporting about Dietary education and Dietary education activity.

This Article 3 meeting performs the next business to achieve purpose of preceding article.
(1) Enlightenment about Dietary education and the spread
(2) Collection and offer of information about Dietary education
(3) Information exchange between members and cooperation promotion
(4) Surveys of Dietary education promotion activity and study
(5) Support of Dietary education promotion activity
(6) Business necessary to achieve purpose of these other meetings

Chapter 2 member

Member of this Article 4 meeting does with group, engine, company having offices and social welfare facility, educational institution in Saga.

(the enrollment)
Person who is going to enroll in this Article 5 meeting submits the predetermined enrollment notification form to representative and must get approval.

(membership fee)
As a general rule, this Article 6 meeting does not collect membership fee. But this shall not applly when there is resolution of the temporariness-like membership fee collection in the general meeting.

Article 7 member submits predetermined notice of withdrawal to representative and can resign optionally.

Chapter 3 officer

We employ the next officer in this Article 8 meeting.
(1) One representative
(2) Less than three vice-representatives

Article 9 representative represents this meeting, and the Prime Minister does the duties.
When 2 vice-representatives assist representative, and representative has accident or if representative is missing, we represent the duties.

Article 10 representative, vice-representative appoint from member in the general meeting.

We do with one year for term of Article 11 representative, vice-representative. But we do not disturb the reappointment.
We shall perform the duties until successor is appointed even if 2 representatives, vice-representative are after the term expiration.
For 3 filling a vacancy or representative taking office by increase of the staff, term of vice-representative, we do with remaining period such as predecessor or other officers.

We employ secretary to plan the smooth execution of business of this Article 12 meeting.
We assume less than 25 people, and representative appoints 2 secretaries.
3 secretaries constitute secretary society.

Chapter 4 meeting

Meeting of this Article 13 meeting assumes general meeting and extraordinary general meeting.

Article 14 general meeting constitutes having member.

Article 15 general meeting resolves the next matter other than thing to set forth according to in these terms.
(1) Change of terms
(2) Business plan and business report
(3) Dissolution 
(4) Matter which is important in administration of these other meetings

We hold Article 16 ordinary session of the Diet once a year.
When representative admitted that it is necessary, 2 extraordinary general meeting holds.

Representative calls Article 17 general meeting and extraordinary general meeting.

(the chairperson) 
The chairperson of Article 18 general meeting appoints from secretary.

If the majority of member does not attend, Article 19 general meeting cannot open.

We determine the proceedings of Article 20 general meeting with the majority of member (we include scholar of document vote and decision mandator.) who attended and, at the time of tie in votes, depend on what that the chairperson determines.

(document decisions)
Member who cannot attend at general meeting for Article 21 inevitable reason makes a decision with document about matter notified beforehand or can entrust with decision in other members as agent. In this case, we consider that scholar of document vote or decision mandator attended at general meeting.

The Chapter 5 secretariat

(the secretariat)
We put the secretariat in Saga Department of Citizens and Environmental Affairs Safe & Secure Lifestyle Division to handle desk work of this Article 22 meeting.

Chapter 6 supplementary rules

Other than thing to fix for this Article 23 terms, secretary society shall set necessary matter after decision of general meeting about administration of this meeting particularly.

Supplementary provisions
 This agreement takes effect on day (April 29, 2006) of establishment of this meeting.

 hodokoshi does these terms from April 1, 2016.


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