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We open "folk song" which sings in Saga, and was inherited to the public on WEB

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 Folk song occurs from local everyday life naturally and is traditional songs handed down by oral tradition.

 A lot of songs of type coherent to life (laborious works) including rice-transplanting song, rice-reaping song, tea pickers' song, big catch song remain in folk song of Saga other than "chest large oblong chest song" "Shintaro of take", too.

 We investigate folk song under Saga statistically and, based on "folk song - Saga folk song command investigation report - of Saga" that we collected (Saga Board of Education 1988), digitize and are released on homepage of this hotel. Of these, 800 pieces contain sound and can enjoy singing voice with "taste" of local people.

 As anyone pushes forward digitization anywhere anytime to use, taking this occasion, we have you get close to their living local "folk songs of Saga" and expect that it is connected in tradition of traditional culture by having you utilize in elementary school or kindergarten.




1 Pub. Date

Friday, January 31, 2014


2 WEB sites name "folk song of Saga"

Please be included from banner of "folk song of Saga" in the top of this hotel homepage.


3 contents

(1) Only for sound become open. (the lyrics do not come out.)

(2) We can have you confirm the lyrics with book of this hotel possession.

(3) Folk song which is released this time is 846 titles. (house, sound nature of a voice are 800 pieces.)

Example: "Chest large oblong chest song" "Shintaro of take" "pickled plum" "orikimbatchan"

(4) Search can search 3 of "search by type, contents of folk song" "search by the tradition area, municipalities" "search by keyword".


4 and others

 We go to area where folk song of Saga is sung and, in this hotel, collect songs, and "folk song of Saga" possesses "collection of Saga modern folk song florid expression" (Saga newspaper publisher 1996) "nursery rhyme of Saga Nagasaki" "children's song of Saga" of late Hiroshi Fukuoka gathered up by writing (Saga newspaper publisher 1987) (Yanagihara Bookstore 1982) (Ongaku no tomo sha corp. 1960), and rental is possible, too.

 Not only, in writing of Hiroshi Fukuoka, we publish the lyrics, but also there is thing which commentary and score which checked the outskirts of folk song carefully are attached to.


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