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Let's be careful about infections with ixodid

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 "Severe febrile thrombopenia syndrome Severe fever thrombocytopenia syndrome" (SFTS) which was one of the infections with ixodid was confirmed for the first time in Yamaguchi on January 30, 2013. Afterwards, patient is confirmed in the plural prefectures in the country.

 In Saga, patient of seven cases is confirmed so far. 


<infection course of SFTS>

 We are infected by being bitten by ixodid holding virus.

 In addition, in China and Korea, example attributable to direct contact with blood and body fluid of patient is reported.


<symptom of SFTS>

 After having been bitten by ixodid holding virus, fever, digestive organ symptom (appetite drop, feeling like vomiting, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain) develop mainly after latency period of around two weeks from 6th.

 By the way, headache, muscular pain, neurologic symptom (disturbance of consciousness, convulsions, coma), lymphadenopathy, respiratory imperfection symptom, bleeding symptom (gingival bleeding, purple spot, bloody bowel discharge) are caused.


<with ixodid>

 Ixodids inhabit the outdoors of the forest or grassland mainly, and they are seen in ticks of comparative large size (before sucking blood 3-4mm) covered by hard crust around city area. We are distributed over Asia and Oceania widely, but are distributed nationwide in Japan.

   <ixodid (kyuchizen): About 3-4mm in length>       <ixodid (after the sucking blood): It is about 1cm in imagos>       

    Ixodid photograph (kyuchizen)             Ixodid photograph (after the sucking blood)                                           

  ※When ixodid does kyuchi, both form and size change. (two pieces photograph Yamaguchi together)


To citizens of the prefecture


 It is important not to be bitten by ixodid. Attention is necessary from spring when activity of ixodid in particular is prosperous to autumn.      

 When we enter place where ticks including the grass and thicket inhabit, we wear shoes, hat, gloves which completely cover long sleeves, pants, foot and we are fired and wind up towel, and let's reduce exposure of skin. Type to use from clothes is in protecting against insects agent including ingredient called DEET (deet), and it is said that there is a supporting effect.

 In addition, you take a bath after the outdoor activity, and please confirm whether you are not bitten by ixodid. Neck in particular, ear, armpits, the root, wrist of foot, the other side of knee are points. ※In reference to illustration, let's wear long sleeves, pants, boots even if hot.


 In addition, this ixodid is usually different from tick (leopard tick occurring to acarid and clothing and bedclothing occurring to tableware) inhabiting in home in type. 

 Leaflet which published photograph of tick "is careful about infections with tick"; as made o, please use.  


<when bitten by ixodid>                                           
 When you notice to no ixodid during sucking blood, have me deal as much as possible at hospital.              
 In addition, after having been bitten by ixodid, we are careful about changes of physical condition for around several weeks, and symptoms such as fever, please consult medical institution when it is admitted.

To all of the medical institutions

 SFTS was appointed for four kinds of infectious diseases from March 4, 2013, and, as for the doctor who examined SFTS patient, Notifecations based on Infectious Disease Law was necessary for the nearest Public Health and Welfare Office promptly.

 As for the detailed information of severe febrile thrombopenia syndrome, please see the following homepages.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage (about severe febrile thrombopenia syndrome (SFTS)) We open with the other window(external link)

 Enlightenment tool
 As poster is made as enlightenment tool about tick countermeasures, please inflect.

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