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About vaccinations such as child and elderly person

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Significance, purpose of vaccination

 By, with vaccination, inoculating vaccine into body, raise resistance (immunity) for the infectious disease. We prevent attack of infectious disease by being vaccinated, and effect that interferes with being aggravated when it takes is expected.
 In addition, vaccination has social significance called (group immunity) to prevent spread of infectious disease by person of a lot of (2) receiving inoculation with purpose called prevention (personal immunity) of the infection prevention, aggravation of (1) individual.

 Vaccination is very important as one of the countermeasures protecting life and health of the nation.


System of vaccination

 For vaccination, there are periodical vaccination based on preventive vaccination law and any vaccination to receive inoculation by personal hope as needed.

 If it is eligible people set forth in country and municipalities, about periodical vaccination, we can receive inoculation with cooperation medical institution of whole prefecture in public expenditure (free ※) by municipalities in Saga.

※About vaccination of elderly person, there is some self-pay.


Type of periodical vaccination

※(1)... (12) vaccination of child, vaccination of elderly person in (13) - (14), inoculation of lower than HI method 8 times or HI method 8 times person suitable as follows rubella antibody titer in born men on April 1, 1979 (Showa 54) from April 2, 1962 (Showa 37) in (15)

(1)From four kinds of mixture (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, inactivating poliomyelitis) ⇒ November, 2012, four kinds of mixed vaccine was introduced.

(2)Three kinds of mixture (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus)

(3)Two kinds of mixture (diphtheria, tetanus)

(4)From inactivating poliomyelitis ⇒ September, 2012, we were changed from live vaccine to inactivating vaccine.

(5)Measles rubella mixture, measles alone, rubella alone

(6)BCG (tuberculosis)

(7)Japanese encephalitis 

(8)hibu (influenza b bacteria)

(9) Pneumococcal disease of children

(10)As of human papillomavirus infectious disease vaccination (uterine cervix cancer prevention vaccine) ⇒, we temporarily stop recommending inoculation of uterine cervix cancer prevention vaccine positively. In inoculation, you confirm about "significance, effect" of vaccine and "symptom that is possible after the inoculation", and please consider. For more details, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage We open with the other window(external link) and Saga prefectural government office homepage about HPV vaccine look at "we will tell about withholding of active encouragement of uterine cervix cancer prevention vaccine".


Reference: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare making leaflet

(11)Periodical from chickenpox ⇒ October 1, 2014; was vaccinated.

(12)Periodical from hepatitis B ⇒ October 1, 2016; was vaccinated.

(13)Pneumococcal disease of elderly person

(14)Influenza ⇒ inoculation time of elderly person becomes from October to December. Please see Saga prefectural government office homepage "flu shot information".

(15)The fifth periodical inoculation of rubella

      (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare making) enlightenment video We open with the other window(external link) pertaining to additional countermeasures of rubella

Inoculation summary table of routine immunization



  • Object vaccinated by public expenditure of the prefecture municipalities is only person living in the prefecture.
  • As for the vaccination, eligible people, inoculation distance are set for each type of vaccine. As you cannot receive inoculation in public expenditure when you do not protect this, please be careful.
  • Ask detailed thing and any unclear points in livingPDF municipalities health department in charge We open with the other window(PDF: 41.4 kilobytes).

Conduct medical institution of routine immunization

 We can inoculate conduct medical institution in the prefecture anywhere.


  • Medical institutions which we can inoculate depending on type of vaccination are different. Please confirm with "list of conduct medical institutions".
  • Prior reservation is necessary for most medical institutions. Please talk with medical institution beforehand.

It is health hazard relief system after the vaccination

 It is important thing, but after having received inoculation, heavy vice-reaction extremely rarely occurs, and hospital care is necessary, and obstacle remains, and, as for the vaccination, health hazard may occur for the attack prevention and the aggravation prevention of infectious disease.
 When health hazard occurs by vaccination based on law by any chance, relief system performing medical expenses is prescribed and can apply to preventive vaccination law from protectors through municipalities.
(as for the details of system, please see homepage We open with the other window(external link) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.)


Vice-reaction report system

 As vaccination inoculates pharmaceutical products called vaccine into the body, after the inoculation, diseases such as physical reaction to be relatively well seen or encephalitis or neuropathy to extremely rarely occur may occur for fever, flare or swelling (it is fine) of part that we inoculated.
 Vice-reaction report system based on vaccination is established to collect information about these vice-reactions, and to perform examination about safety of vaccination, and it is in system that report is performed from medical institution based on standard shown in every object disease by incorporated administrative agency Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA).

   It is reported from PMDA to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and is considered by "the public welfare science council vaccination, vaccine subcommittee vice-reaction examination sectional meeting" that country installs, and reported information is returned to the place of residence local government of cover inoculator.

(as for the details of system, please see homepage We open with the other window(external link) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.) 


Toward the medical institution

 Various styles are as follows. You print, and please inflect.

    ※It is report style at the time of request to National Health Insurance federation. When Excel style is hoped for, please contact Saga Health Promotion Division.

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