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Do you know measles (measles)?

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 10s, the loud fashion mainly on 20s were seen in 2007-2008, and many schools closed measles and took measures of the class closure, and it was social problem, but by having established opportunity to receive measles vaccination in the generation of the first grade at a junior high school equivalency, the third grade at a high school equivalency for five years from 2008, the number of patients decreased sharply.

 In addition, it is only overseas origin type from virus separation, the detection situation after November, 2010, and measles virus of Japan aboriginality caused rage is not seen in the country for 20 years in 2007. On March 27, 2015, it was authorized by the World Health Organization west Pacific region secretariat that Japan was in exclusion state of measles.
 However, 2016 begins, and the patients with measles reports occur successively in each places of the whole country. Notifecations report of patient with a history of travel is outstanding in particular this year in Asian countries (Indonesia, Mongolia). In addition, outbreaks of measles (measles) occur around offices in Kansai International Airport.
 In Japan, as for the infection due to native measles virus in Japan, "exclusion" is confirmed, but patient may occur from patient with a history of travel and the contact in future because there is country where measles (measles) is prevalent abroad.


With measles

   It is also called "measles" and is infected by a cough or sneezing of patients with measles. Air may drift, and while there is few in the closure space such as rooms, it infects even to be shared a room with patient, and infection is strong, and it develops in 90% or more of infected people virus for a while.

  As for the symptom, fever and a cough of around 38 degrees Celsius, symptom such as a cold such as mucus continue after the infection for 2-4 days after latency period of 10-12 days, and rash appears with high heat 39 degrees Celsius or more afterwards. It is easy to merge pneumonia, otitis media, and severe complications such as encephalitis may develop. Without complications, main symptom is restored in 7-10 days.
 It is said that we acquire immunity for lifetime said that we do not suffer from the disease twice when we suffer from measles once.



Preventive method?

  As infection power is strong, and measles does air infection, we cannot prevent only with hand-washing, mask.

  The only valid preventive method to have in individuals inoculates vaccine and is to acquire immunity beforehand.

    In addition, we may prevent infection with vaccine of measles after the contact for less than three days when we come into contact with patients with measles.


About periodical vaccination

 Measles was placed as illness targeted for periodical vaccination based on preventive vaccination law from June, 1976, but the number of patients of measles decreased, and it was twice inoculation of 1 year old child (the first) and infant (the second) for in front of elementary school entrance to school one year from previous once inoculation based on the situation that immunity reinforcement effect by nature infection became hard to get from June 2, 2006.


 We cannot receive as periodical vaccination when over the first, the second inoculation age.

  We will receive inoculation immediately if we become inoculation age.


 In addition, by from April to June when measles is easy to be prevalent, we will receive inoculation.

<periodical vaccination eligible people>

 ・ The first: 1 year old child

 ・ The second: It is person of one year (entrance to school last year from April 1 to March 31) before elementary school entrance to school with under 5-7 years old


<periodical vaccination pre-examine vote and conduct place>

 Is stretched from living municipalities; pre-; examine, and please fill in the requirements on vote.

 If it is appointed cooperation medical institution in the prefecture, we can be vaccinated anywhere.

 (as for the list of cooperation medical institutions, Saga prefectural government office homepage look at "vaccination of child and elderly person".)



 Person targeted for routine immunization can be vaccinated in free (public expenditure).


About any vaccination

 Person except periodical vaccination eligible people can receive inoculation of measles vaccine as any vaccination.
 As we have not suffered from measles, and person who does not inoculate vaccine may be infected with measles, please examine inoculation of measles vaccine for the prevention.
 As person in the 20s and 30s is generation inoculating only one time of measles-containing vaccine as periodical vaccination, we may not acquire enough immunity. Please confirm inoculation career in mother and child health handbooks.
  It costs outside targeted for routine immunization around 10,000 yen.


About precaution in inoculation

 ・Prior reservation is necessary for most medical institutions. Please consult with medical institution beforehand.  

 ・Other; let's inoculate after leaving a fixed period of time when is vaccinated.

 (we, e.g., open after the influenza vaccine inoculation more than six days and inoculate measles, rubella vaccine)

 ・As pregnant may have an influence on fetus, we cannot inoculate.

 ・Let's receive allergic predisposition after talking with doctor.

 ・As you may not inoculate depending on physical condition and the stock situation of vaccine immediately, please decide schedule of inoculation with margin.


If we think whether it is measles

 When symptoms such as fever, a cough, rash appear after the contact with measles (measles) patient, you are absent from school and job, and please consult medical institution early.
 Please say that measles (measles) is doubted before consultation over telephones. Please tell about travel career or contact career with measles (measles) patient.
 As typical symptom may not develop as for the person who has been vaccinated in the past, please talk with family medicine.


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