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"Diabetes" and the prevention 

 16.3% of men, woman 9.3% diabetes patient (national value by 2016 nation health, nourishment Surveys) 


 Proportion of diabetes patient (person that diabetes is strongly doubted) was 16.3% of men, woman 9.3%, and, also, it became clear that ratios increased after 50 years old.

(as for "the diabetes patient" of this ※ national health, nourishment Surveys HbA1c(NGSP) level more than 6.5% or person under treatment of diabetes)


 Diabetes is disease becoming high in blood sugar level.

 When glucose included in food is taken in by the body, it is used as energy. However, blood sugar level rises without glucose (blood sugar) being available well if action of insulin is weak. When such a state continues, we cause various complications. It is to cause retina and nerve of eyes which thin blood vessel is damaged as for the fear of diabetes, and develop, obstacles such as kidneys, various complications including myocardial infarction and stroke that, moreover, great vessels are hurt and develop. Besides, these complications almost progress without subjective symptoms.
 Person who had a diagnosis of diabetes consults medical institution regularly so that such complications are not caused, and control of strict blood sugar is important.


Diabetes criterion

 Examination of diabetes includes HbA1c and blood sugar, urine sugar.
 We focus on HbA1c level with blood sugar control index, and main judgment is carried out in this way.

※1 blood sugar control target (we refer to ※ 2 for elderly people 65 years or older)


Blood sugar control target

 ※Blood sugar control target of 2 elderly person (65 years or older) diabetes (HbA1c level)


  • Blood sugar control target of elderly person diabetes (HbA1c))
                                               Than "diabetes treatment guide 2018-2019"

    To prevent diabetes

     Motive of diabetes eats too much and includes lack of exercise, obesity, stress, but maximum point is to prevent obesity. We know own appropriate weight and are to do the weight control towards that. In addition, it is careful about overeating and excessive intakes of fat, and it is important to have appropriate meal.
     BMI (body trout index) is used for obese standard widely, and this calculated the weight that there are the fewest diseases statistically, and BMI22 is said that there are the fewest diseases. BMI25 or more become obese.

    • BMI = weight (kg) ÷ height (m) ÷ height (m)
    • Your normal weight is = height (m) X height (m) X 22

      In addition, basic cure for diabetes includes (1) diet cure (2) kinesitherapy (3) medical therapy. By putting these together well, and continuing appropriate cure, can check aggravation of symptom. As it is said that we can prevent progress if we keep prescription and living guidance of doctor if diabetes is diagnosed, let's continue treatment properly.


    "Diabetic nephropathy" and the prevention

     Diabetic nephropathy is disease that as hyperglycosemia state continued, function of kidney is spoiled. When renal function decreases, and urine is not gradually made, you must receive artificial dialysis treatment (hemodialysis therapy) to substitute by function of kidney artificially. We will have a big influence on everyday life if diabetic nephropathy turns worse and comes to receive artificial dialysis treatment.
     People who came to have to receive artificial dialysis treatment increase year by year, and the first place of cause of artificial dialysis is thing due to diabetic nephropathy.
     We undergo periodical medical examination, examination, and it is important to control blood sugar level properly for the prevention of diabetic nephropathy.
    Change of the number of patients according to original k disease of person of 2017 artificial dialysis

    Change of the number of patients according to underlying disease of artificial dialysis person new in 2017

    ※As for the number of patients according to underlying disease, diabetic nephropathy increased across chronic glomerulonephritis most in 2012 when we saw change of artificial dialysis person of Saga.

    For the artificial dialysis number of patients caused by diabetic nephropathy, it greatly increases with 940 people from 361 people of 2001 in 2017.

    There are the most things due to diabetic nephropathy and, in the new dialysis patient, becomes 102 people in 2017.




    Diabetic nephropathy aggravation preventive approach

     In Saga, we devise "Saga diabetic nephropathy aggravation prevention program" by Saga Medical Association, Saga diabetes countermeasures promotion meeting, Saga insurer meeting and person of Saga of four and promote approach of the diabetic nephropathy aggravation prevention by cooperation such as insurer or family medicine, specialist.


     "Saga diabetic nephropathy aggravation preventive program"

     It was intended that we planned health promotion of citizen of the prefecture and adequacy of medical expenses by tying medical institution non-testee, treatment intermitter that diabetes was at increased risk for being aggravated to medical care by appropriate consultation encouragement, and insurer performing health guidances that cooperated with medical care for person who was at increased risk for being aggravated, and kidney disease preventing shift to artificial dialysis among patients who visited a hospital for treatment for diabetes, and conduct of countermeasures in insurer showed way of thinking that was basic so that it became easy.


    Figure of system

    (reference materials)

    PDF Saga diabetic nephropathy aggravation preventive program We open with the other window(PDF: 157.8 kilobytes)

    PDF Figure of system We open with the other window(PDF: 121.6 kilobytes)


    "Coronary heart disease" (myocardial infarction, angina) and the prevention

    What is coronary heart disease?

     Heart always needs mass oxygen and energy to continue moving without cease. Blood vessel called coronary arteries is set up around heart itself, and required material is sent to muscle (myocardium) of the heart through this blood vessel. 
     However, heart falls into lack of energy when in a condition that blood which is enough for coronary arteries does not flow for arteriosclerosis. This state is called ischemia and myocardium falls into necrosis in dozens of minutes and may be never restored. Transient case is angina ischemia, and case that myocardium necrotized is myocardial infarction.
     Main cause of coronary heart disease is arteriosclerosis, but factor letting arteriosclerosis progress includes diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, smoking, obesity.
     The prevention of coronary heart disease ("myocardial infarction, angina") is to remove risk factor letting arteriosclerosis progress.
     We are careful about non-smoking, salt, sugar, takings too much fat and have a meal having good balance and are to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia. In addition, it plans moderate exercise and change, and it avoids stress, and it is important to live a regular life. 


    "Cerebro-vascular disease" and the prevention

     As for the cerebro-vascular disease, main channel of brain is clogged up, and bloodstream is inhibited (cerebral infarction), and blood cannot circulate by artery of brain exploding, and bleeding (cerebral hemorrhage) and is disease that has acutely obstacle of brain.

     It was the first place of the cause of death until 1980, but we decrease little by little and become the fourth place now. However, the death rates decreased, but the half of the body paralysis failure remains when it develops even if we escape death, and a lot of people causing inconvenience for everyday life are done with terrible ill one from the old days. 


    Cause of cerebro-vascular disease

     As for the cerebral infarction, it is possible for lump of cholesterol inside of big blood vessel of brain "rumblingly" and platelets gather there and block up artery and we have arteriosclerosis to thin blood vessel of brain and are clogged up and have by clot which it was possible for drifting to heart, and blocking up blood vessel.
     Defrayal is applied to blood vessel for high blood pressure, and cerebral hemorrhage is caused by being torn.
     Cerebral hemorrhage was once frequent, but cerebral infarction that blood vessel is clogged up and happens increases for hyperlipidemia and diabetes recently.


    The prevention of cerebro-vascular disease

     As cerebro-vascular disease (stroke) is often caused by arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, it becomes important preventing those diseases and to suppress progress.

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