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As for the nurses, it is Notifecations system of the license holder

The last update date:

As for the nurses, Notifecations systems such as at the time of quitting a job of the license holder were started

 Law about promotion of securing of human resources such as nurses was revised, and, as for the nurses, Notifecations system of the license holder was enforced from October 1, 2015.

 It was made obligation to make effort that this law that it was not begun work as post of nursing in master of health nurse, midwifery, nurse, associate nurse which had license by revision reported own information to the metropolis and districts nurse center.

What is nurse center? 

 To licensed nurses, specialized counselor supports free introduction of employment or reinstatement training. We receive designation of the prefectural governor, and Saga nursing society operates Saga nurse center.

Is it report osuruodonarunoka? Merit?

 Nurse center has retired employee and "connection", of nursing job prevent becoming quiescent.

Reporting such as 1 position offer information or workshop

The individual training depending on each 2 personal hope

3 employment consultations and introduction of employment 

To retired employee who had report, we perform these support free.

In addition, to re-employment applicant, we perform reinstatement support, introduction of employment to lifestyle. 


Method to report?

○When the person reports

 Notifecations sites such as nurses access "we send" from PC and smartphone and input the requirements on full name or contact information and register.

<todokerun URL> 


○When facility does representation Notifecations

You access free introduction of employment site "e nurse center" which Japan Nursing Association operates, and you transfer Notifecations vote (for representation Notifecations) to Excel for collective Notifecations, and please upload.

In addition, in the case of absence of registration, I would like new registration of facility in e nurse center. 

 <e nurse center URL>


※Written Notifecations is possible, too. You print Notifecations vote from attachment as follows, and please tell Saga nurse center by mail directly. 


Eligible people of Notifecations?

It has health nurse, obstetrical teacher, nurse, license of associate nurse to become a target of system and is these which does not get job now. Intention of re-employment does not matter.

When we lost employment at hospitals, we become a target of Notifecations when we do not engage as nursing job for reasons of the entering further education after the qualification such as nurses immediately.


Contents of Notifecations?

1 full name, date of birth, address

2 phone numbers, e-mail address, other contact information

Registration number of the family register such as 3 nurses, the registration date

The situation about 4 employment 


Reference about Notifecations system

Saga nurse center (nonprofit foundation Saga nursing society)

 Phone number 0952-51-3511

 Location 〒 849-0201 1997-1, Tokuman, Kubotacho, Saga-shi, Saga




The MHLW flyer With new window(1,022KB, PDF file)

Notifecations vote (for the person Notifecations) With new window(136KB, PDF file) 

Notifecations vote (for representation Notifecations) With new window(136KB, PDF file)

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