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I would like hygiene management such as drinking wells

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The quality of the water such as well and spring, mountain stream changes forever, and they may turn worse under the influence of the neighborhood.

Including well water, spring, mountain stream used by drinking water (call "drinking wells" as follows.) This will do appropriate management carefully at the following point.


About management such as 1 drinking well

We lock cover of well and establish fence and will prevent people and animal from entering drinking wells and the outskirts abusively.
  1. We check drinking wells and the outskirts regularly and will keep clean.
  2. When we install drinking wells newly, we perform examination of water according to water-quality standard of Water Supply Law beforehand, and let's drink after confirming security.

About examination of water such as 2 drinking wells

(1) Examination of water before beginning to use

Let's be examined except sterilization by-product of No. 21-31 of separate table 1 water-quality standard and jieosumin, 2-methyl isoborneol.

When burden of expenses of examination for all items greatly selects carefully in item in personal drinking well, we take pollution status of the outskirts groundwater into consideration in reference to result of groundwater which Saga Environment Division announces on prefectural homepage, and let's be examined.

Water quality measurement result of the quality of the water result Chapter 2 groundwater of water for public use area and groundwater


(2) Periodical examination of water

Color, muddy, poor taste do not have abnormality, or let's confirm every day.
  1. Let's perform examination of water by inspection organization regularly once a year.
  2. We are usually careful about color of water, bad-smelling taste, and let's perform necessary examination of water if there are any abnormality.

 <examination of water items such as drinking wells>

It is need and judged item from general bacteria, Escherichia coli, nitrite nitrogen, state nitrogen nitrate and nitrite nitrogen, chloride ion, organic matter (quantity of all organic carbon (TOC)), pH level, taste, odor, chromaticity, turbidity and the situation neighboring among other water supply water-quality standard items
(3)Examination of water organization (engine registering as area inspecting Saga) (as of April 1, 2020)

Note) examination of water does not go in Public Health and Welfare Office. I would like link concerned, request to examination of water organization of attached file.



    When we knew pollution such as 3 drinking wells

    1. Stop and contact user, and please consult with Public Health and Welfare Office nearby or city hall about use promptly if we know that water such as drinking wells including leak of medicine might give harm to a person's health near well.
    2. If pollution more than water-quality standards of Water Supply Law becomes clear as a result of examination of water, please consult with Public Health and Welfare Office of neighborhood or city hall.

    Reference according to 4 location

    As consultation counter varies according to location, please confirm from list of little references.

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