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 For follow-up, the prior prevention, crisis response of suicide work while lecturing on suicide countermeasures depending on the local current situation in Saga, and taking related organizations and cooperation of various fields.

(1) Basic way of thinking to suicide countermeasures

Saga suicide countermeasures basic plan

    We devised "Saga suicide countermeasures basic plan" in March, 2008 and, in Saga, worked on suicide countermeasures based on "suicide synthesis countermeasures general rules" of country formulated in 2007, and "suicide synthesis countermeasures general rules" of country performed the second revision (the April 1, 2018 enforcement) of Saga suicide countermeasures basic plan based on what was revised on July 25, 2017.

 Towards "Saga snuggling up to thought of people" without anyone being forced into suicide in future, we promote suicide countermeasures.



(2) Cooperation with each related organizations

Saga suicide countermeasures meeting

Citizens of the prefecture plans cooperation with each related organizations of various fields to aim at society which we can live on health for with purpose of life and considers about effective suicide countermeasures from 2002.


Liaison conference in suicide countermeasures agency

Information sharing does each approach situation or future problem, and each section in agency concerned works on suicide countermeasures about suicide countermeasures from 2007 while taking cooperation.


The people in charge such as suicide countermeasures municipalities hold a meeting

We hold from 2011 to carry out suicide countermeasures which by doing information sharing about approach of suicide countermeasures of the situation of suicide of Saga and each municipality, accepted the local current situation.



(3) To notice depression even slightly early

Saga family medicine, psychiatrist introduction system business

We introduce patient that depression is doubted from family medicine to psychiatrist and make use for early detection, treatment of patients with depression and promote family medicine and cooperation reinforcement of psychiatrist. We carry out in the Kito Public Health and Welfare Office jurisdiction from November, 2010 and carry out under the every prefecture from December, 2011.



(4) As for all the citizens of the prefecture for "gatekeeper"

The gatekeeper training

Public Health and Welfare Office, Center for Mental Health and Welfare carry out the gatekeeper training to wear knowledge and knowledge necessary for gatekeeper which becomes suicide preventive (the pivot) required.



(5) We cope with consultation of disease and trouble of heart

Telephone of Saga heart

We talk about trouble of various hearts including trouble about personal relationships and character, behavioral trouble, pubertal trouble, trouble about alcohol and drug.


Saga suicide preventive night consultation telephone

For person who is troubled alone, and suffers, professional staff talks in the night.


Each Public Health and Welfare Office, Center for Mental Health and Welfare

About health (mental diseases such as depression or mental and physical disorder) of mind and body, health nurse and psychiatrist (reservation required) provide consultation.



(6) Enlightenment, information dispatch to the suicide prevention

For insomniac person, we make TV CM toward the family and neighboring people again and broadcast in Saga Television Station for the suicide prevention week for suicide countermeasures reinforcement month.


Mental health welfare meeting

Each one tries for increase of mental health to build spiritually rich society and, about mental disease and mental patient, holds for the purpose of having you deepen understanding and recognition. In addition, we put together and hold suicide countermeasures top seminar to plan suicide preventive promotion in area targeting at chiefs of municipalities.


(7) Care of heart of the own death bereaved

Win for one of the own death bereaved; support to go ino society

We issue subsidy for private sector holding gathering of own death bereaved in the prefecture and make place where various places having the same trouble gather and have you make use for consultation and information sharing. In addition, we perform common knowledge by public information of own death bereaved support project or prefectural homepage, business cooperation.

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