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Sorrow and pains, regret and guilty conscience that are confided to nobody. Do you not take on such various thought alone? Thing that is hard so that it backs away to lose important person by own death and is torn. Still we want you to regain "quality of you" even little by little. It is wish of everybody supporting you.

Message from the own death bereaved

 I jumped into limited express train in October in the third year of junior high school, and my father killed his life by oneself. In too sudden event, were you not able to cry with "in what" to mother who burst into tears in the neighbor?
 "Why has father died?" As "economic conditions of house were bad" "Have you left me and mother?" It was painful that only question not to put on of ... answer must go to school by train that father still died over the head every day "why would it not be noticed?" and there was not way. Also arrived, answering as "I performed at private school with high tuition, was wrong. I am father homicide sputum, it was ... such guilty conscience.
 Without the word "own death", the word "suicide" was still tabooed, and it was fact that only family and extremely familiar relative knew at that time that "father became dead by suicide". "Nobody could tell", and this thing was word said to be at the very beginning when death of father became clear. Days when we could say the truth to nobody and listened to the truth to nobody and continued blaming oneself.

 Meanwhile, it was own death orphan who lost family important in the same way by own death that we would borrow scholarship on high school entering further education from group called ashinaga scholarship association, and met by the connection. We talked to nobody, and which "only I who was why must feel such" was moment when mind that we were closing the cap of saying "nobody knows this hotness" opened cover finally heavy a little till then. After breaking long long silence for the first time, and having said, "father of ... me committed suicide", honesty talked about what then or does not remember. But only many having shed tears and senses that shoulder lightened incidentally after having finished talking remain in memory.

 I have a feeling that time when it finally stopped from the day has begun to go by again. We were able to take facing fact of death of father little by little by hearing story of talking and somebody who had a similar experience. And time for approximately eight years passed and was able to finally talk about death of most immediate mother and father. What we felt most was that day of father passed away said that it was stopping then at time of mother. Father dies, and say to mother who brought me up with one woman that it was all could do to live a life every day without time to face each other about death of father. And say that you blamed oneself than anyone else. ji ... which says that there was not including place talking about the thing. Person who lost important person by own death from the experience in hometown wanted to grow place that could share the thought, and we beat for the own death bereaved, and go ino society became establishment of "we do wampum".

 You lose important person suddenly, and are you not stunned by shock? You are alone, and do you not suffer without knowing what we should do? Notice, and do you not press you to be own result that we were not able to check that there was not? You are not alone. Please look up only a little. Person helping you, person supporting, person who can share sorrow, people giving advice are surely around. It may take time to take. We may not look ahead immediately. Still it is good. We think that your important person surely wishes you walk the life looking ahead. Please demand help around a little so that you can move forward by one step looking ahead even little by little without trying hard alone too much. And words of encouragement "that rotation try hard" are only pressure for people trying hard enough. We want the feeling to snuggle up by all means.

 As for me, father dies, and 20 years pass soon. School appeared in interval called 20 years, too and got work, and there was family, too, and it was to mother. It is obvious fact that father became dead, but walks mother and new family and own life on chest in father now. Everybody has power that surely each heals oneself, and is valid. We believe that power to snuggle up to leads to surely valid power. You are not alone.

Saga Bigfoot

Does own death bereaved nowakachi go ino society not participate?

Sorrow that prevented important person from being own death and pains ... If by talking with people of the same circumstances, "few, such an unbearable feeling lightens" and wakachi go ino society is held saying "we can assist each other." You talk about memory of important person and hard heart, too, and does everybody not advance before one step as towakachi matches?

wakachi matches; "the sea of heart"

The date: Every month fourth Saturday
Time: From 13:30 to 16:00 (in the reception desk from 13:00)
Place: abanse (3-2-11, Tenjin, Saga-shi)
Eligible people: Person who lost important person by own death
Entrance fee: Free of charge
Application: Please connect with the telephone secretariat of Saga life beforehand. On the day, without prior application, we can participate.
Contact information: Telephone secretariat TEL of Saga life: 0952-34-4186

Meeting supporting Saga own death orphan "costs wampum"

The date: 6, 10, first Saturday of February
Time: From 13:30 to 15:30 (in the reception desk from 13:00)
Place: Smile hall 4F (Oaza, Hyougocho, Saga-shi Fujiki 1006-1)
Eligible people: Person who lost important person by own death
Entrance fee: 300 yen
Application: Please connect with the prior nioashisu secretariat. On the day, without prior application, we can participate.
Contact information: oashisu secretariat (栁se) TEL: 090-8402-5167
PDF: Cost wampum (the outside); (593KB, PDF file) With new window
Cost wampum (medium plane); (593KB, PDF file) With new window
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