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We carry out hospitalization (resupaito hospitalization) business at patients with severe intractable disease 1:00

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 When it becomes difficult that severe intractable disease that it is undergone at home medical treatment temporarily receives care in being at home due to rest (resupaito) of person cared for, intractable disease medical care coordinator adjusts to medical institution that the prefecture contracted with with medical institution to be able to be hospitalized temporarily.

Available person (person satisfying all from 1 to 3 following)

1. "Intractable disease which receives serious case authorization among in recipients of identification medical expenses (designated intractable disease) to prescribe in law about medical care Article 5 and person (including person admitted that it follows at the same level) and recipients of Saga specific disease treatment study business needing nursing care with physically disabled person disorder degree 1, the second grade as factor that is main by the disease concerned for patient" which undergoes at home medical treatment

  1. 2. Families who was not able to temporarily receive care in being at home due to rest of caregiver
  2. 3. Where it is necessary for condition to place under medical management although it is stable



Length of stay

One hospitalization is less than 14 days. It is available until 28th in total in the equivalence year.



Hospitalized care

Like normal hospitalization by medical care and the nursing system of medical institution of acceptance care.

As you are different from care of family, it may be difficult to have you undergo medical treatment in the same way as home, but approve beforehand.




  •  When treatment is necessary by condition aggravation, it becomes treatment hospitalization not hospitalization at one time, and, after consultation with the chief physician, it may be changing hospital.
  •  When there are acts that come to trouble other inpatients, we may have you leave the hospital.
  • The hospitalization fee is similar to normal hospitalization.
  • By the space situation of bed, we may not meet requirements.
  • When short-term entrance of nursing-care insurance system and person with a disability synthesis support law is available, nursing-care insurance system, the use of person with a disability synthesis support law become given priority.



Inquiry, application

Please consult with intractable disease medical care coordinator, Health Promotion Division or Public Health and Welfare Office of area to live.


 Intractable disease medical care coordinator

 (the Saga University medical department hospital)



 Health Promotion Division  0952-25-7074
 Central Saga Public Health and Welfare Office  0952-30-1673
 Tosu Public Health and Welfare Office


 Karatsu Public Health and Welfare Office


 Imari Public Health and Welfare Office

 Kito Public Health and Welfare Office  0954-22-2105


※On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, we cannot cope for New Year holidays.

※In addition, please apply no later than five days before you removed New Year holidays on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays as you may need time for adjustment with acceptance hospital.


Contract medical institution

  • Saga City Fuji Yamato hot spring Hospital (Saga-shi)
  • Medical corporation osoegawa cranial nerve internal medicine (Saga-shi)
  • Medical corporation spring sunshine society Uemura Hospital (Saga-shi)
  • Medical corporation corporation respect and affection society Saga Memorial Hospital (Saga-shi)
  • Incorporated administrative agency community medicine function promotion mechanism Middle Saga Hospital (Saga-shi) 
  • Medical corporation Morokuma Hospital (Saga-shi)
  • Tree of medical corporation vine grape clinic (Saga-shi)
  • Medical corporation corporation Keisuke society Kanzaki Hospital (Kanzaki-shi) 
  • Ogi Municipal Hospital (Ogi-shi) 
  • Medical corporation local people medical Eguchi Hospital (Ogi-shi)
  • i*hojingotomokaishokumabyoin (Taku-shi)
  • i*hojinshadannyosuikaiimamurabyoin (Tosu-shi)
  • Medical corporation Kiyoaki society yayoigaoka Kage Hospital (Kiyama-cho) 
  • Medical corporation goodness society Imamura Hospital (Tosu-shi)
  • When medical law good-naturedness Furudo is over; 髙bibyoin (Tosu-shi)
  • Medical law good-naturedness Furudo comes; mountain 髙bibyoin (Kiyama-cho)
  • i*hojinyuaikaidaishimabyoin (Miyaki-cho)
  • Medical corporation Hirakawa Hospital (Karatsu-shi)
  • The medical corporation soughing of the wind through pine-trees society banks of a river Hospital (Karatsu-shi)
  • The best hospital (Karatsu-shi) in medical corporation corporation sweet smell society Karatsu
  • i*hojinkenjinkaisangenkinembyoin (Imari-shi)
  • i*hojinkojinkaiseidembyoin (Imari-shi)
  • Imari Arita Kyoritsu Hospital (Arita-cho)
  • Medical corporation Longmen temple Ono Hospital (Takeo-shi)
  • Medical corporation zenith temple Shida Hospital (Kashima-shi)
  • Medical corporation foundation companion society Ureshino Onsen Hospital (Ureshino-shi)
  • Medical corporation positive light meeting Higuchi Hospital (Ureshino-shi)
  • i*hojinuyamaitendokogabyoin (Kouhoku-machi)
  • Medical corporation static flight temple Shiraishi Kyoritsu Hospital (Shiroishi-cho)
  • i*hojinshijikaikoshimabyoin (Shiroishi-cho)
  • Medical corporation Juntendo Juntendo Hospital (Omachi-cho)
  • Municipality Tara Hospital (Tara-cho) 
  • Medical corporation Tokushukai Futsukaichi Tokushukai Hospital (Fukuoka)
  • The Imazu Red Cross hospital (Fukuoka)
  • Wrap social medical corporation corporation Takano society; hospital (Fukuoka)

 ※It is 35 medical institutions as of May 8, 2020





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