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Let's understand depression, sleeplessness, alcohol definitely

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People live while holding stress and trouble that are everybody what and others. However, as for thinking about suicide when mind and body show disorder when they accumulate more and more and are awful. It notices disorder before being able to happen, and it is important to deal early. Therefore we will understand psychological disorder mind definitely.

(1) With "depression"

When "feeling sets" symptom, "sleeplessness continues" continues by strong stress such as the issue of human relations and family, work, depression is possible. As for death wish becoming strong depending on condition when we just leave alone. Cannot happen; consult medical institution early to save, and it is important to rest.
In Saga, we give early detection, treatment of patients with depression and carry out "Saga family medicine, psychiatrist introduction system business"With new window to push forward family medicine and smooth cooperation of psychiatrist. At first, we will receive family medicine such as internal medicine if sleeplessness and unidentified poor physical condition continue. Depression may be thought to be disease that is hard to be cured, but many people recover by receiving appropriate treatment early.

Symptom to be seen with depressed mental state

(1) Symptom to feel by oneself
Concentration that there is not sad uneasy spirit to be irritated by that depression not to be able to sleep, feeling feeling depressed are sunk in thinks about things which feel that did that is bad that is worried about being small, and blame oneself which do not want to do that like either which there is not to bad, want to die
(2) Symptom to understand seeing from the neighborhood
Quantities of drinking not to calm down that maudlin reaction that expression was dark was slow in increased
(3) Symptom to come out to body
Headache, stiff shoulder, heartbeat without fatigable sexual desire feeling tired to have no appetite, discomfort of stomach are apt to be constipated, and dizziness, mouth long ※ From Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare HP

(2) If "sleeplessness" two weeks or more continues

There are various physical symptoms and mind symptoms as we spoke for depression earlier, but, above all, insomniac symptom has deep relation to depression. "We cannot readily sleep though we are tired" may be signature of depression if sleeplessness continues more than "we wake up at midnight, and falling asleep is bad afterwards" two weeks.

For example, do you have such a symptom?

If symptom as follows continues more than two weeks, it may be sleep disorder. Let's receive appropriate treatment in Specialized Agencies.

It is hard to fall asleep ・・* We cannot readily fall asleep to sleep either
Halfway awakening ・・* We wake up many times even if sleeping
Early-morning awakening ・・* We wake up early in the morning and cannot sleep afterwards
*min ・・* Sleep is shallow, and it cannot sleep soundly
Hypersleep ・・* We are sleepy no matter how much we sleep

(3) Good how to get along "alcohol"

As for the moderate drinking such as evening drinks at seat and home of liquor in the workplace, feeling can be relaxed and is fun. However, a large quantity of drinking beyond degree is told that not only they give harm to body, but also cause depression and raise risk of suicide.
According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, it is said to person with alcoholism that the risk of suicide is about 6 times higher than than person who is not so. In addition, it is known that ratio to drink just before suicide is high.
"A certain moderation moderate drinking" advocated by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is around 20 g a day with spirits of wine. We follow quantity of appropriate drinking, and let's enjoy a certain moderation drinking.

What is "a certain moderation moderate drinking?"

When we defined "drink containing 10 g of alcohol as 1 drink", it is quantity that is moderate about 20 g a day that is 2 drinks with spirits of wine. In reference to lower table, let's be careful about excessive drinking.

Alcoholic beverages and quantity The number of the drinks
Beer University bottle
633ml1 book
Beer schooner
600ml1 cup
Bottle out of beer
500ml1 book
Beer mug out of beer
400ml1 cup
Canned beer, low-malt beer
One canned 350 ml
One cup of lock (80 ml)
One cup of double
One cup of single
Beer, firing liquor
Glass 180ml1 cup
Awamori (30%) with cloth
Glass 180ml1 cup
Alcoholic beverages and quantity The number of the drinks
Sake 1 go 2.2
Shochu (25%) with cloth
Glass 180ml1 cup
Shochu with hot water darkness
(6:04) one cup of glass
Shochu with hot water (5:05)
One cup of glass
Shochu with hot water looking with half-opened eyes (3:07)
One cup of glass
Can shochu and soda (8%)
One canned 350 ml
Can shochu and soda (6%)
One canned 350 ml
Can shochu and soda (8%)
One canned 250 ml
It is wineglass with wine
(120 ml) one cup
Plum wine single
(30 ml) one cup

※ National hospital mechanism Hizen mind medical center *takebunhenshu "do know? Than with alcohol

(4) Are there such people in depression check - circumference? ...

  • We become unsociable and often need alone
  • We always press oneself "to be poor at me"
  • We did not show interest in thing and hobby that we liked
  • We were not able to concentrate on work and housework done before
  • Conversations decreased and did not answer even if they talked
  • Quantity of drinking increased suddenly
  • Fatigue and inappetence, unidentified poor physical condition including sleeplessness continue, and there are not spirit
  • It becomes irritable and is often irritated
  • We are depressed immediately by being nothing and speak of pessimistic words
  • We do not seem to be able to sleep well and seem to be ill-conditioned from morning

If items to apply to are seen a lot, let's push forward consultation to Specialized Agencies.

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