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Do you know gatekeeper?

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Do you know the word "gatekeeper?" We notice troubled person and call out, and tie to necessary support to hear story, and gatekeeper is people watching. It is suicide preventive the first step to call out without missing SOS of immediate person.

(1) What is gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper is "gate-keeper" if we translate literally. We notice "gate-keeper of life" that is troubled person and call out, and, to hear story, tie to necessary support, and gatekeeper in the suicide prevention is people watching. It is not at all special thing, and anyone can become. By adding viewpoint as gatekeeper to everyday life, may notice slight change of immediate person. As each us becomes gatekeeper, will follow important command.

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Role of gatekeeper

Notice: We notice change of family and friend and call out
Attentive hearing: In deference to feeling of the person, we listen to
Filler: We urge to talk with expert early
Watch: In spite of being snuggle, we watch slowly and carefully warmly

(2) Knowledge as gatekeeper

We will always keep the following in mind to support person troubled as gatekeeper.

  • We prepare for heart not to be upset about story of partner
  • It is calm and gives a warm response
  • We are troubled together and think
  • We know filler point (specialized consultation organizations) when we were in trouble

(3) Four points to prevent suicide

Person thinking about suicide gives some kind of signatures. As for sign of heart including depression of illness being seen, and eating pessimistic words including "... which wants to disappear." We will know four actions of the suicide prevention to be upset, and not to be puzzled when we met person giving such a signature.

1. Let's notice trouble
If state of immediate person including defectiveness of curious behavior and physical condition notices, "it is unusual", let's call out without question. Person thinking about suicide is full of trouble, sense of isolation alone. "You are not alone" will have you understand, "there is person minding your existence" by calling out.
2. Let's hear trouble
Let's hear story of partner slowly and carefully till the last after having made environment that it is easy to talk about. It shuts out talk on the way, and it gives own opinion, and it denies say of partner, and it will stop to hang words of encouragement "trying hard". It is important to hear story in earnest manner while snuggling up to feeling of partner.
3. Let's connect to expert
Even if feeling of partner takes its ease by hearing trouble, feeling to "want to die" may not disappear. By talking with expert and medical institution depending on each trouble, concrete solution may be found. You who are understanding person support, and let's recommend to talk with Specialized Agencies.
4. Let's watch warmly
It takes time to regain health of mind and body. As much as it is person who is important for you, we may expect speedy recovery, but we never get impatient, and let's watch slowly and carefully while snuggling up kindly. It is necessary to give against security relaxing heart that we brooded over.
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