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Are you not troubled with bullying?

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Surely you who are looking at this site now may be various and will hold hot (we have cramped) i thought. We think of you carefully to solve the issue of bullying, and person supporting is required. It is not that even weak thing is bad to call for help to another person. It is very courageous action.

(1) "Bullying" of issue of school and friend-related ... child ...

To you who are troubled with "bullying"

 Are you not troubled with bullying? Do you not suffer alone? It is hard to compare (we have cramped), and does kutemo not think, "oneself cannot say?" You get reveal alone, and please do not be crowded if you are troubled concerning school life and friend. At first, in consultation with family and teacher, person from reliable lap (mawa) rino, sounding out (Saga) will do method of solution together.
 There is school counselor which helps you in elementary and junior high school, high school in the prefecture at private school at public school if we think, "we cannot say to family". There is "telephone consultation of heart" hearing your story properly 24 hours a day, every day.
 It is that there is courage very much to confide trouble. Still please demand help from somebody without being troubled alone. You are connected to many people. Of you supporting (bamboo grass); there is person getting near you by all means. We show courage and will talk.

[main consultation]

 School counselor business (given priority to reservation)
Please make a reservation to education consultation counter person in charge of school counselor and school directly. If school counselor is empty even if we do not make a reservation, we can talk. We cope with not only consultation from child, student but also consultation from protector.
Target school: Public, private elementary and junior high school, high school in Saga
※Consultation day, time vary according to schools.
 Telephone consultation (we accept 24 hours a day, every day) of heart
Consultation contents: Together with troubles such as bullying, school refusal of child student
Phone number Saga station 0952-30-4989
  Kanzaki station 0952-52-4989
  Karatsu station 0955-73-4989
  Takeo station 0954-22-4989
  Kashima station 0954-62-4989


 Other consultation counters

(2) If notice SOS of child; is ... toward ... protector

That may be signature of bullying if we feel accident in state of "we mope recently" "it is strangely restless" child "behaving brightly unnaturally". Parent always snuggles up to child to discover bullying early, and it is important to be good understanding person.

[concrete case of bullying of child]

  • Banter and shucking and jiving, bad-mouth and threat words, unpleasant thing are said.
  • Odd-man-out, disregard by group are done.
  • It is conflicted lightly and we pretend to play and are swatted and are kicked.
  • It is awfully conflicted and is swatted and is kicked.
  • It is extorted with money and goods.
  • Money and goods are hidden and are stolen and are broken, and it is thrown away.
  • Unpleasant thing and shameful thing receive dangerous treatment and are made to do.
  • With PC or cell-phone slander slander receive unpleasant treatment.   nado

 To notice signature of everyday child; "look back of parental relation", and "look back of parent, and toshite, please utilize seat".

                                   Of parent to notice signature of child look back; seat


(3) Bullying ... of human relations and neighborhood trouble - adult of the workplace

 The issue of bullying must catch as problem of the whole society that included adult not problem limited to child now. Do you not have trouble with power harassment and sexual harassment, moral harassment? It is the workplace and area, and such a harassment is not good even if we look good only by just enduring. Let's receive in resolute manner as a certain good sense adult. Still we will talk with management director and consultation organization of the workplace if it cannot be settled.

[concrete case of bullying of adult]

Power harassment
 Harassment and bullying to perform using official authority in the workplace
  • We repeat words in defiance of personality and are made an absurd remark.
  • Buck-passing of mistake is done.
  • We are criticized in trifles, and we are scolded in front of a great number of people.
  • We are ignored continuously.
  • We do not have you give work appropriate to post.
Sexual harassment
 Sexual, discriminatory harassment to be carried out against will of worker
  • Sexual remark and sexual practical joke are done.
  • Sexual relations are forced.
  • We are invited to meal, date obstinately.
Moral harassment
 Mental harassment by words and manner that violence is not good enough
  • We are made fun in public.
  • Own way of thinking is denied in callousness.
  • We are cursed by terrible words that personality is hurt.
  • Totally unfounded rumor is spread around.     nado

[main consultation]

 Saga labor bureau
Consultation contents: Consultation such as power harassment, bullying, trouble in the workplace
Phone number Department of General Affairs Planning Office 0952-32-7167

Consultation contents: Consultation of sexual harassment in the workplace
Phone number Employment equality room 0952-32-7218

Other consultation counters

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