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Does work not have stress?

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Are you not troubled about work and the workplace?

You take on work alone, and do you not overdo it? People feeling anxiety and trouble, stress for work increase recently. We may become depressed, and the making of mental health in the workplace attracts interest socially today when we continue unreasonableness.

(1) If we find trouble and stress in work

According to "worker health situation Surveys" of 2007 (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), person of about 60% replies, "strong anxiety is troubled about work and career and feels stress". Anyone is subjected to stress for the number in surely handling everyday duties. However, it is fact that cases that and psychological burden by duties is too big, and non compos mentis develops or commits suicide, and workmen's accident authorization is performed increase year by year.
It is important to do enough rest and changes before disorder of mental health appears if they find strong stress in work, but early detection by work friend and management director and appropriate correspondence are essential.

Let's use mental health consultation

We will do mental health consultation if we feel disorder of mental health by work.

Consultation to management director
Let's talk with management director of the belonging workplace. In addition, we will have industrial physicians tie as needed.
Consultation to industrial physician
Proprietor of workplace which always employs more than 50 workers appoints industrial physician and is to have to perform health care of employee. We do mental health consultation and, about own health, will have you do advice about working environment improvement to management director again.
Company and worker of workplace less than 50 workers can receive health consultation of Saga industrial health synthesis support center.
Consultation to family medicine and psychiatrist
Let's consult family medicine and psychiatrist if we feel mental and physical disorder. Leave of absence from duty may be pushed forward depending on treatment and symptom with medicine. Let's take mental and physical rest enough.

(2) To reduce stress

Important one become the consultation left side of the stage to reduce stress by work. They just talk slightly around and can find beginning of solution before taking on work too much, and almost going flat, and they just have you help, and both burden and feeling lighten. To that end, we always take smooth communication with co-worker, and it is necessary to build confidential relation.
In addition, we will grasp the way of work-life balance (harmony of work and life) that was usually good for oneself because long working hours adversely affect mental and physical health.

Stress and point to go together well

  • We acquire relaxation law that was good for oneself such as stretch
  • We keep regular life in mind and take sleep enough
  • We have time to interchange with close people
  • We adopt "laughter" for everyday life well and spend happy days with health
  • If tensions continue, we stand in restroom and take a deep breath and we do gymnastics lightly and switch for mind
  • When possible, we fix relaxing environment for listening to music for break
  • We have hobby irrelevant to work
  • We have a lot nature in occasion to get close to
  • We exercise moderately
  • We do not depend on cigarette and liquor for stress-relieving
  • ※ Than association of prevention of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, central work-related accident "health collection of going zukino hints of heart"

(3) Mental health consultation counter of working person

Individual consultation


Consultation from office

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