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We accept application for company where person planning prefectural office retirement is employed in the prefecture

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Everybody of "private enterprises" where are looking for human resources! Do you not utilize "human resources reduction system?"

 It is structure providing human resources information by method to read human resources reduction list for application (job offer) from companies thinking that this system wants to utilize knowledge, experience that we cultivated at the prefectural office of the staff resigning from Saga.

  • We resolve human resources in Saga by having all of the private enterprises utilize knowledge, the prefectural office retired employee's experience (human resources) that we cultivated so far and contribute to further development of Saga.
  • We secure transparency and equitableness of change of job by systematizing change of job procedure of the staff resigning from the prefecture.


Human resources reduction system

[flow until reporting]
<human resources who can provide information>
  We retire in (until the end of March, 2021) during 2020 and are the staff (except teacher, police personnel) hoping for change of job.
  ※In the prefecture, there are human resources having technical knowledge, experience of various fields such as next.
   For example,
  • Office worker [including the welfare, business and industry, agriculture and forestry fisheries, experienced people such as the fields of each administration of engineering works, experienced person of accountancy]
  • Technical personnel [including researcher of engineering works, agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry-related engineer, health nurse, nurse, Experiments and reserach engine]
  • Post of expert [exclusive duty job: including welfare, tax practice, site, accounts, inspection duties]

<application for job offer>
 Person had job offer of lists the requirements in advertisement for help (attached sheet), and please submit to Saga Personnel Division.
 We accept application by email.

<offer of information>
The first reporting
 We extract all the human resources appropriate to condition you like from list based on advertisement for help and provide the information.
 ※At this stage, we cannot provide information that individuals of "job title" "full name" "address" can identify.

The second reporting
 When interviews are hoped for by the first reporting, we provide more detailed information.
 ※We provide information after having obtained consent of the jobseeker concerned concerning personal information protection.

We adjust in both after the second reporting in schedule and perform interviews.     
 ※When it does not lead to adoption, we return to the second reporting and will perform interviews repeatedly as follows.
 << they are careful, and other than provision of information, the prefecture will not participate.>>

Both agreement ⇒ adoption, changes of job  

<reporting period>
Until March 31, 2021

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