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  What both talk with labor union or worker about problem that happened between user enough, and it solves voluntarily is basic, but it is labor relations board that helps solution to the problem in position of fairness, neutrality when that becomes difficult.

Constitution of labor relations board

 Labor relations board consists of 15 (each five sides) committee members of person (user committee member) on behalf of person (worker committee member), user on behalf of person (altruistic member of), worker representing the public interest.

 In solution to labor-management dispute, it is characteristic that can help by neutral viewpoint with fairness.


 As for "the examination of unfair labor profit", committee member (from altruistic member of from two examination committee members, worker committee member, user committee member for each two advisor committee members) of charge is appointed every case from 15 committee members.

 In addition, member of mediation of for each one public interest side, worker side, user side is nominated as "mediation" from member of mediation ballot. 


 Worker committee member (five) Committee member (labor union officers) on behalf of worker
 Altruistic member of (five) Committee member (university professor, lawyer) with character of fair third party
 User committee member (five) Committee member (company executive, user group officers) on behalf of user

Main work of labor relations board

We examine about statement of unfair labor profit relief.

We perform adjustment ("we do not overwhelm" mainly) of dispute between the labor and management and work as maid for settlement of disputes.

We help with solution to individual workers and dispute that occurred between business owner.

We perform screening of labor union.
  • The acceptance such as notices of notice of acts of dispute
We accept notice of acts of dispute of notice and outbreak Notifecations.

In the use of labor relations board



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