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                                                                  ... which unties tangle of ... labor and management, and grows
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Do you not have a problem with such a thing?


Talks with company do not go well; ...


  • We hold group negotiations that assumed company and lump sum the agenda several times, but cannot agree.
  • We offer loan of association office to company and did group negotiations, but do not have you accept. 



  Do you not use mediation of adjustment of labor dispute?
  •   Mediation is system helping with solution by talks by trouble of labor relationship between worker and users. (The details of system are this
  •  It is available free, and procedure is easy, too.



Interfere association administration not to accept group negotiations that company gives union member the unfair treatment; ...


  •  We were discharged for the reason of joining labor union.
  •    Company does not accept group negotiations without adequate cause.
  •    Company does not do explanation about answer to company at all without showing concrete materials although we accept for group negotiations.
  •    Company recommends withdrawing from association to union member.           nado 
 We can file unfair labor profit relief.




At first, please consult. 

 As for consultation contents leaking outside, absolute. Please feel free to contact.

   (consultation over telephone) telephone 0952-25-7242

   (consultation at the next agency) the prefectural office south the third floor of the annex labor relations board secretariat

      ※Telephone, the next agency consultation from weekdays 8:30 to 17:15 (except holiday, New Year holidays)

   It becomes in this. Please refer to this for consultation.

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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

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