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Saga relations event that is planned in Kansai, Nakagyo area


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From Friday, March 6 to Thursday, May 14 

※Under business stop

Open space "Pop'n Fruit Cafe" of howaiti umeda, spring (Osaka-shi, Osaka)  

Strawberry fair


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Including sightseeing, Specialty products and company information of Saga is sending charm of Saga more and more!
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The latest information is sending to Kansai, Nakagyo area!

In Kansai and Chukyo Office, we offer the latest information such as sightseeing, Specialty products, emigration, the employment, Furusato Nouzei, invitation of enterprises. Please feel free to contact.

Sightseeing information of 1 Saga

Photograph: Karatsu kunchiPhotograph: BalloonPhotograph: Ureshino OnsenPhotograph: Yoshinogari sitePhotograph: Hina doll

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  • "Saga international balloon Festa" that colors Saga plains of late fall (Saga-shi)
  • Celebration! The UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage registration! Autumn festival "Karatsu kunchi" that is exciting gorgeousness (Karatsu-shi)
  • "The Saga-jo Castle lower Doll's Festival" to tell coming of spring (Saga-shi)
  • Earthenware city "Arida earthenware city" largest in the whole country (Arita-cho) 


  • Japan's three biggest Bihada-no-Yu "Ureshino Onsen" (Ureshino-shi)
  • "Yoshinogari Historical Park" to hear voice of people in the Yayoi Period (Kanzaki-shi, Yoshinogari-cho)


  • Sightseeing campaign, sightseeing exhibition, conduct of sightseeing briefing session
  • Request for trip product creation for travel agency


<related site>

 Saga sightseeing information (asobosaga) We open with the other window(external link)

 Guidance of Saga Kyushu Shinkansen



Specialty products information of 2 Saga

Photograph: Fishery products of SagaPhotograph: Cake of SagaPhotograph: Tea of SagaPhotograph: Earthenware of Saga



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  • Agricultural and livestock products "Saga cow", "Saga is faint" strawberry "strawberry", U.S. "is ideal day for Saga" "Ureshino tea" house mandarin orange, "Shiraishi lotus root"
  • Fishery products "Saga paste" (the Saga laver Ariake Sea first), "Yobuko cuttlefish"
  • Which "circle bunch is bare" cake "Ogi yokan"
  • Ceramic ware    Arita ware, Imari ceramic ware, Karatsu porcelain

 <store, restaurant information>


  • Store (fruits and vegetables, the Saga United States, Saga cow, product, restaurant) dealing with Saga Specialty products, cooperation with Saga U.S. sale cooperation shop

<related site>


Emigration information to 3 Saga

<related site>

 Saga smile We open with the other window(external link)



UI turn employment information in 4 Saga

<related site>
 Work counselor's office (we support person who is looking for work, job offer activity of company) of Saga

 Saga job hunting navigator We open with the other window(external link) (employment information site)

 HelloWork plaza Namba (local employment support corner) We open with the other window(external link)




5 Furusato Nouzei information

Furusato Nouzei system is system that the amount of donation equivalency to the local government which we want to support is subtracted from residence tax.

As which "we want to take good care of oldness and Saga" does feeling "that we want to contribute to for oldness and development of Saga" in form, please support Saga in this system. For more details, please confirm the following related site.

<related site>

 Oldness and Saga support site

   Reference: Saga Department of General Affairs Taxation Division telephone: 0952-25-7021



6 invitation of enterprises information

 <related site>
 Saga firm location guide We open with the other window(external link)



7 and others

Other than display of prefectural product, advertising introduction, business mediation, we perform holding of various products exhibition, Saga cow fair, greengrocery fair, meal fair, Saga United States campaign.

Please feel free to contact.  



Culture, sports business is powerful! 

For more details, please click the following related site.
<related site>

 Page about sightseeing, culture, sports of Saga

 Reference: Saga Department of Regional Exchange Culture Division    Telephone: 0952-25-7236

                Sports Division telephone: 0952-25-7331


J1 Sagan Tosu information!   

Let's support Sagan Tosu together to give player fighting in away power!
[war record of 2020 season]

 2020 Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. J1 leagues

 Is going to play a game;/result We open with the other window(external link)


Prefectural officials employment information 

"Gather to Saga young people with hot soul not to get snagged on model and frame!"
<related site>

 Recruitment of Saga staff siteWe open with the other window

 Reference: Personnel Committee Secretariat telephone: 0952-25-7295
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