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"Health promotion cooperation shop" information

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We do nourishment ingredient indication on menu to support health promotion of eating person, and "health promotion cooperation shop" is shop providing balanced menu and a good vegetables menu.

113 stores (as of the end of March, 2018) are registered in Takeo Kishima, Kashima Fujitsu district.  


We introduce health promotion cooperation shop

Here, we introduce "health promotion cooperation shop" of Kito Public Health and Welfare Office jurisdiction (Takeo-shi, Omachi-cho, Kouhoku-machi, Shiroishi-cho, Kashima-shi, Ureshino-shi, Tara-cho).

We add cooperation shop information sequentially.


  1. Satisfactory set meal Yoshida satisfaction building (Ureshino-shi) With new window(583KB, PDF file)
  2. The vegetables tappurikouhokuchampon under the leaves first (Kouhoku-machi)With new window (439KB, PDF file)
  3. Seoul food taromen (Omachi-cho) of Omachi With new window(390KB, PDF file)
  4. Familiar dishes & French drive-in building (Shiroishi-cho) With new window(364KB, PDF file)


Do you not publish your shop either?

We add each health promotion cooperation shop information, but, in shop having you already enroll in "health promotion cooperation shop", early shop where we wish to place in, please contact the following address. The person in charge visits shop and makes shop information. 


Person in charge of <contact information >[email protected] health promotion cooperation shop expectation 




To become health promotion cooperation shop?

Does your shop not become health promotion cooperation shop, too?

We are used to cooperation shop if there are any one or more approaches from the following approach.

In the shop you like, administrative dietitian helps with nourishment calculation and indication example structure.


  • We are doing nutrient labeling (energy or salt) on menu
  • Staple food, main dish, vice-greens provide menu which they kept
  • We offer menus a good vegetables 120 grams or more
  • We offer salt modest menu
  • Calcium and dietary fiber provide abundant menu
  • He/she regulates quantity including rice


For more details, please see this. With new window



Introduction of health promotion cooperation shop in the prefecture

About 700 cooperation shops are in Saga and publish shop where homepage publication was accepted.


Cooperation shop of municipalities of Kito Public Health and Welfare Office jurisdiction (only in homepage publication consent shop) 

Takeo-shi With new window  Kashima-shi With new window  Ureshino-shi With new window  Kishima-gun With new window  Tara-cho With new window


For more details, please see this.

Your Health Support (page of health promotion cooperation shop) 



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