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Information toward child and the protectors such as children chronicity identification illness

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About procedure, the welfare service of the children chronic specific illness medical care furtherance

Saga children chronicity identification illness medical care subsidy program

Children under 18 suffer from disease (722 diseases) that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare sets and become a target.
As there is standard targeted for the medical furtherance every disease, please consult with the chief physician before application.
(application is until 18 years old, but, after the medical receipt authorization, can extend the furtherance sequentially until the day on 20-year-old birthday when treatment is necessary. State of income and illness accepts, and there is self-burden.)    
Children chronicity identification illness medical care subsidy program                                                             




Children chronicity identification illness child everyday life tool payment business

For children chronicity identification illness medical care recipient, we pay about 18 items of next everyday life tools ※We do. 
But there is self-burden according to income. 
Application window: Each municipalities welfare department in charge (as there are municipalities which do not carry out partly, please confirm to living municipalities department in charge)
Item: Please refer to attachment 1 for performance of payment eligible people and item of each item
 Toilet, special mat, urinal, physique converter, wheelchair, head safety helmet, electricity type sputum aspirator special special toilet, special bed, walk support tool, bathing assistance tool, cool vest, ultraviolet rays cut cream nebulizer (inhaler), pulse oximeter ostomy appliances (alimentary system), ostomy appliances (urinary tract system), people mechanic nose


List of each municipality inquiries

The municipalities name of a village Window Inquiry (phone number)


Saga-shi government office obstacle Welfare Division  0952-40-7251


Karatsu-shi government office child care support section  0955-72-9151
Tosu-shi Tosu-shi government office society Welfare Division  0942-85-3642
Taku-shi Taku-shi government office Welfare Division  0952-75-4823
Imari-shi Imari-shi government office Welfare Division  0955-23-2156
Takeo-shi Takeo-shi government office Welfare Division  0954-23-9235
Kashima-shi Kashima-shi welfare office  0954-63-2119
Ogi-shi Ogi-shi government office advanced age obstacle support section  0952-37-6108
Ureshino-shi Ureshino-shi government office health promotion section  0954-66-9120
Kanzaki-shi Kanzaki-shi government office advanced age obstacle section  0952-37-0111
Yoshinogari-cho Yoshinogari-cho office Welfare Division  0952-37-0343
Kiyama-cho Kiyama-cho Hall health Welfare Division  0942-92-7964
Kamimine-cho Kamimine-cho Hall health Welfare Division  0952-52-7413
Miyaki-cho Miyaki-cho Hall environment Welfare Division  0942-94-5724
Genkai-cho Genkai-cho office inhabitants Welfare Division  0955-52-2158
Arita-cho Arita-cho Office health Welfare Division  0955-43-2237
Omachi-cho Omachi-cho health Welfare Division  0952-82-3185
Kouhoku-machi Kouhoku-machi office Welfare Division  0952-86-5614
Shiroishi-cho Shiroishi-cho office Long-life Society Division  0952-84-7117
Tara-cho Tara-cho office townsman Welfare Division  0954-67-0718

About the medical furtherance after 20 years old 

 Please consult with each window about the medical furtherance after 20 years old.

Target person

 System name

 Contact information

Designated intractable disease

 The designated intractable disease medical care furtherance

 Each Public Health and Welfare Office


 Treatment study business such as congenital blood clotting factor disorders

Saga Health Promotion Division telephone: 0952-25-7075

Person who underwent transplant

 Rebirth medical care

Each municipalities obstacle welfare department in charge

Severe mind and body person with a disability

The severeness mind and body person with a disability medical care furtherance 

The welfare, medical department in charge of each municipality

  When we do not know the consultation, please consult with member of Saga children chronicity identification illness independence support.

  Contact information: Telephone 0952-25-7056 (Saga Children and Families Division) 

Saga parking soft-headed mitt system 

With parking soft-headed mitt system, Saga issues permit targeting at elderly person and expectant mothers including person with obstacle to body as "person having difficulty in walk" and finds parking space.

When child to be for shares, we can use protector having children such as children chronicity identification illness.


Application window: The prefectural office (central government office) Welfare Division, each Public Health and Welfare Office, each municipalities welfare department in charge

Application time: Weekdays (excluded on holiday) from 8:30 to 17:00

Fee for free

 ※Only in the prefectural office (central government office), application by electronic application, mail is possible



We want to talk about shuen, attendance at school and school life

Consultation: Each the prefecture Public Health and Welfare Office maternal and child health charge

    Member of independence support (Saga prefectural government office Children and Families Division) calls children chronicity identification illness children: 0952-25-7056


  Home, the chief physician, cooperation with school are necessary to live school life in peace.

  When we are hospitalized for operation and medical treatment for long term and are returned and worry about school life, we visit home visit and school. Please consult.

 What you want to let from protector to school know about

 (example)    Episode of care and symptom (as far as all right)
  • Contact information (protector, the chief physician) in Emergencies
  • About going to hospital 
  • Explanation (or child knows) to child of illness
  • Do neighboring children need explanation?
  • It is lunch
  • It is restroom 
  • About physical education or outside play, off campus activity 

 When consideration is necessary for school life, because of condition, please utilize the following contact votes.

 (please consult with attending physician about contents to list in contact vote.)

 Necessary information shares with school and may send school life that child is reliable happily, and is safe.
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We want to talk about disease or everyday life                                                                              

  We cope with consultation such as anxiety about disease, anxiety of life after discharge.

  Please consult with member of nearest Public Health and Welfare Office and children chronicity identification illness independence support, intractable disease consultation, support center to live. 

 ・Consultation of the Housing repair and welfare tool has what supporting in community medicine counselor's office of medical institution.

Consultation about working

 It varies according to disease severity of disease, but there are many people that it is worked while continuing curing and is got various jobs with or without disability certificate. However, after the working, we deteriorate physical condition at a stretch, and there seems to be case resigning from. Working person takes care of himself/herself by periodical going to hospital and treatment by oneself, and it is important to provide work force that the workplace demands. In addition, it is necessary to talk with about content to have you consider understanding of illness and periodical going to hospital, job including moderate break before working enough.

 Work support is available to people with intractable disease without disability certificate.


Annoyance about working


  • It is not revealed whether there is possible work by disease either
  • Explanation of disease of the workplace and necessary consideration is difficult to the workplace
  • Even if we hide disease and find a job, there are difficulties after employment
  • Life becomes difficult without being able to get job
Consultation organization of working

 Patients with HelloWork intractable disease employment supporter telephone: 0952-24-4361 (main)

 Saga intractable disease consultation, support center telephone: 0952-97-9632


Let's possess at the time of disaster

  About registration of disaster tower required

 When we cannot evacuate by oneself when large-scale natural disaster occurs, and there is the risk or we need movement support, we recommend registration of "disaster pivot supporter".

 Application window, inquiry: Each municipalities department in charge


  We possess at the time of disaster and will usually confirm necessary contact information 

  If disaster happens, lifeline comes to an end, and situation such as the inside and outside of house collapsing, and medical equipment being broken is predicted. We will list information of the required person, family in notebook and notebook in thing and Emergencies which we usually prepare for in a mass. We will make list of articles to take immediately.

Saga wellness notebook (children chronicity identification illness affected child notebook)

We distribute shoji*sei*tei*i*jonari to people applied for in each Public Health and Welfare Office.

There are mention columns such as coping methods in contact information and Emergencies in Emergencies.

Please inflect in contact notebook with school and the chief physician.


Emergencies medical care, support notebook

We distribute toward the intractable disease in each Public Health and Welfare Office. You can get intractable disease of children when you hope.

Support contents which are necessary for are intended to reach immediately by patients with intractable disease presenting in Emergencies at reception desk of medical institution and refuge.

※Instruments of respirator and at-home oxygen should take the way of assembling and connection in photograph.

※At the time of blackout, we will confirm how many hours battery lasts.                                             

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