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 In the prefecture, conduct method is easy and promotes approach of fluoride mouth rinsing with high effect for the cavity prevention at nursery school, kindergarten, school.

 About fluoride, we introduce state of implementation of general Q&A and fluoride mouth rinsing in the prefecture. 


 Q&A about fluoride 


What is Question 1 fluoride?


 Fluoride is distributed over the underground, seawater, environment of nature including river water widely, and there is much quantity on the earth. It is included in food and we usually eat commonly and drink. For example, 100-500 ppm is included in 1-20 ppm, tea, deep red tea-leaf to fishery products such as sardine or seaweed, and it is to density of around 0.2-1.0 ppm when we can enter and actually drink hot water as tea.
※ ppm (tweet M): Unit to express one per 1 million
  With fluoride 1 ppm, include 1 milligram of fluoride per 1 kilogram or 1 liter 


Question 2 fluoride heard that it is powerful drug, but is there problem even if we use?


 When we make mouth rinsing every day or twice a week, pharmaceutical products (Miranol, oraburisu) uses, and is appointed in powerful drug in Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, but, as for the problem, there are none in the handling as density is as follows 1% more if we dissolve in water according to prescription of doctor, and it is usually medicine.

 In addition, originally sodium fluoride reagent which is used when we make mouth rinsing once a week at schools is usually thing not pharmaceutical products. In addition, it is not usually problem as well as medicine if we dissolve in water according to prescription of dentist as density becomes 1% as follows.


We have swallowed Question 3 fluoride mouthwash by mistake, but is it all right?


 Even if fluoride mouthwash swallows gross quantity for one time, it is prescribed for quantity without harm.

 When we swallow mouthwash 10 ml gross quantity of law by mistake once a week, we would take in 9 mg of fluoride in the body, but, as for the problem, there are none at all as it is 32 mg in children weighing an average of 16 kg in weight of 4 years old child as for the quantity that unpleasant symptom (to vomiting, master including kuchikatsu stimulation symptom of stomach) develops in.

 In addition, fluoride mouth rinsing starts after we practice gargle using water.


What is Question 4 fluoride mouth rinsing? 

 Fluoride mouth rinsing includes relatively low-concentrated fluoride mouthwash (7 ml - 10 ml) in mouth, and hubble-bubble is method to prevent cavity by gargling for about one minute. There are method to carry out by density once a week and method to carry out five times.

 Method is simple and easy and is superior in safety, certain protective efficacy, economy and is suitable though we perform together at nursery school, kindergarten, school.

Can it be said that it is the right cavity prevention that relies to fluorine which is medicine easily without working hard to become basics such as Question 5 toothbrushing or sweetness restrictions?

 For the cavity prevention,
  (1) We refrain from sweets by sweetness restrictions
  (2) We remove plaque (plaque) by toothbrushing
  (3) We make tooth strong by use of fluorine
Thing is necessary. 
 As preventive action for cavity is different, and the use of toothbrushing, sweetness restrictions, fluorine is all important, what we carry in combination out without relying in one is connected for the cavity prevention.
 It is possible for nobody to lose bacteria and sugar from mouth really, but effort to usually maintain best environment by toothbrushing and sweetness limit is necessary.

What is cause of Question 6 cavity?

 We cannot do it for one cause, and caries occurs when next factor is prepared.
 (1) Sugar included in food and drink become bacterial nourishment source
 (2) Plaque which is intraoral bacterial lump is made, and attach to tooth
 (3) Resistance of tooth decrease
Conversely it may be said that it leads to the cavity prevention to perform countermeasures in each


Do toothbrushing customs not become negligent in peace when we begin Question 7 fluoride mouth rinsing?


 As the cavity prevention of permanent tooth is purpose, it lets you understand the purpose, and, as for the fluoride mouth rinsing, it is necessary for own effort to perform soaked in consciousness to protect own tooth. If consciousness pickles are made, it is reported to life action to become risk factor of cavity what is improved.

Is custom of toothbrushing not necessary for the Question 8 cavity prevention?


 Fluoride is thing which "interferes with becoming cavity", and cavity is not without only in this, and custom of several times of toothbrushing is essential every day.
 Toothpaste has part which point of a brush of toothbrush is hard to be, and there is aspect that effect is low for method of the cavity prevention, but, for periodontal disease namely gingivitis and preventive periodontal procedure, it is extremely important, and it is necessary to teach enforcement at home and school as by keeping clean in mouth, do in mouth for tooth and the gums in good environment.

Should we not carry out Question 9 fluoride mouth rinsing in the domestic responsibility?


 When we carry out fluoride mouth rinsing at home, we recommend law (five times a week) every day. It can expect high protective efficacy by performing regularly, but it becomes big problem every day to perform soaked in everyday custom.
 In addition, it is important to perform the cavity prevention in the home, and limits of toothbrushing custom pickles and sweets should be carried out with responsibility of parent.

Is it necessary to carry out at place of group including Question 10 school? 

 It is thought that it is effective to practice kindergarten, nursery school where all children go to as public sanitation, cavity preventive activity at school.
 Cavity unlike other diseases of the nation that there is hardly that is almost seen in all the members and is not cured naturally when it is to cavity once, that it is to cavity more at the time of child; as is characteristic, is thinking that what carry out at this time is important.
 In addition, fluoride mouth rinsing is not medical act declared in Dentist Act, but we are placed as school hygiene security plan prescribed in School Health Law Article 2 and think that it is carried out as part of health management.


Depending on Question 11 disease, is there thing which must not perform fluoride mouth rinsing?



 There is fluoride in the natural world widely, and we take in as food and drink routinely.

 In addition, quantity of fluoride included in fluoride mouthwash may not affect the health in particular.

 It may not be said that you must not perform fluoride mouth rinsing by disease.


What is difference between Question 12 fluoride application and fluoride mouth rinsing?



 Fluoride application is one of the cavity prophylaxis by method to apply drug containing fluoride to the surface of tooth. It is effective when we receive degree application four times a year in dental clinic or municipalities health center.

 It is sanitary cavity prophylaxis on the basis of performing fluoride mouth rinsing in group in nursery school, kindergarten, elementary and junior high school. It is effective it continues from 4 years old to around 14 years old, and to perform.

 In addition, it is more effective while carrying out fluoride mouth rinsing in nursery school, kindergarten when we receive fluoride application at dental clinic once in three months.

How much is the spread of Question 13 fluoride mouth rinsing situation?

 Nursery school, kindergarten is 94 facilities, and, as for the state of implementation of fluoride mouth rinsing in Saga, in 4,744 people, the elementary school, in 907 people, the junior high school, there were 407 with one in six schools in 1999, but it increases year by year, and, in nursery school, the kindergarten, in 14,018 273 facilities, elementary school 166, 3,685 carry out 45,449, junior high school 30 in 2011. 98.8% of schools will carry out nursery school, kindergarten in elementary school in 71.7% of facilities.

 ※As for the latest information of the fluoride application business operation situation in the prefecture, please see "smile Saga 21 state of implementation report healthy in 2014".



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