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Please submit submission (the 2019 results) industrial waste processing results report until August 31, 2020

The last update date:

 To grasp the actual situation of disposal of industrial waste in the prefecture, law (1970 law No. 137.about disposal of waste and cleaning up As we decided to demand the processing results of industrial waste in 2019 from industrial waste disposal operator to say "law" as follows, and to prescribe in) Article 14 Paragraph 6 and special management industrial waste disposal operator to prescribe in 4 Paragraph 6 of law Article 14 and installer of industrial waste disposal facility to prescribe in law Article 15 Paragraph 1 based on regulations of law Article 18, submission of report, please.


Company which is targeted for 1 report

  • Industrial waste disposal operator and special management industrial waste disposal operator

(middle disposal facility and final disposal site setting company)

  • We mail notice document which enclosed report style to target proprietor. (the middle of April plan)
(report style does not enclose and will mail only notice document to proprietor reported in Mail until last year.)

※As the results report of the collection transportation work is inapplicable in this prefecture, the results report of collection transportation business is not necessary. 

※When you are abolished after April, 2019, please report the results until the abolition day.

※If 2019 does not have the processing results at all, you fill in without the results of report style 1, and please submit by all means. 


2 report matters and report content

  • The disposal results of all industrial waste given in trust by March 31, 2020 from April 1, 2019 or special management industrial waste.

※Please keep copy of report which you submitted by all means.

(about report mention contents, we may inform of confirmation later.) 


Deadline for 3 reports

  • Until Monday, August 31, 2020

I would like strict observance of deadline for report. 

4 submission methods

  • We would like Mail, bringing, mail

Please submit using styles enclosed by notice document to mail whether you download report style from 5. 

  • Please submit company where reception stamp of the prefecture is necessary by bringing or mail.
    • In the case of bringing, please bring two copies of reports.
    • In the case of mail, please enclose Part 2 and envelope of stamp pasting in report. 



 Downloading such as 5 report styles and mention examples

PDF For R former degree report efficiency paper & electron (HP) We open with the other window(PDF: 314.5 kilobytes)

※Proprietor submitted to in Mail

Please send attached file at less than 5MB. When you exceed capacity, you compress in Zip, and please transmit. 


 6 report submissions

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