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Please submit "the situation report to industrial waste control documentation (manifesto) grants" 2019 (the 2018 results)

The last update date:
We make report which we gathered for each workplace by style No. 3, and, based on "law about disposal of waste and cleaning up" (3 Paragraph 7 of Article 12), discharge proprietor (including middle processing supplier who issued the second manifesto) who issued industrial waste control documentation (manifesto) must report the situation such as grants of industrial waste control documentation which we issued in last year to prefectural governors having jurisdiction over the location of workplace every year by June 30.  


Report eligible people 

 Person (company) who issued manifesto within target period is all report eligible person.

    • When we issue manifesto in last year, regardless of the number of grants and discharge, submission of report is necessary.
    • It applies to middle processing supplier who issued the second manifesto.
    • About use of electronic manifesto, report is not necessary.
    • As Nihon Sangyo waste disposal treatment promotion center (operational composition of electronic manifesto) adds up and reports use of electronic manifesto to prefectural governors, it is not necessary to report discharge supplier oneself. 
But report is necessary only about use of paper manifesto when we use both paper manifesto and electronic manifestoes.
When we do not issue manifesto at all in last year, submission of report is unnecessary.


Report object period and return day

 Report, please report manifesto which grant day of A vote is once a year by "from April 1 to March 31" of last year by June 30.

We submit the results until from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 this time by June 30, 2019

(note) check item in turn that report arrived, and accept if there is not mistake. From around the middle of June, it will be crowded very much. I would like cooperation to submit with margin.

Particularly, wanting person, please submit reserve reply early hastily.


Report of report

Please make by workplace unit.

If addresses of discharge place of industrial waste are different, it becomes the other workplace and must make report separately.

<exception> When workplace where setting is short term or the location does not maintain the same is in area of the same metropolis and districts (ordinance-designated city) 2 or more, we gather up these workplaces as 1 workplace and make report. (the construction spots)


Submission of report

(1)In the case of bringing, mail 

Zip code 840-8570
Address    1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi, Saga
Address      Saga Department of Citizens and Environmental Affairs Recycling Society Promotion Division monitoring instruction charge

(2)In the case of email


Report style and acquisition method

 "Industrial waste control documentation grants are prescribed by the situation report" (style No. 3) method of waste disposal thing by style No. 3 (27 relations of Article 8). (attachment of manifesto and copying is unnecessary.)
  Please submit using the following.

Acquisition method of "style No. 3"

 →We download file from [style downloading] described in the lower part.

Saga prefectural government office homepage → Living, child care    >  Nature, environment, recycling   >  Waste, recycling   >  Notifecations, procedure > Please submit "the situation report to industrial waste control documentation (manifesto) grants" 2019 (the 2018 results) (our page) → Style downloading → Style


Submission method and the submission number of copies 

  Please submit copy by bringing or mail, email.


As I do not return submitted report in any submission method, please keep report (reserve) by all means. After the submission, we may inform of confirmation about contents of report.


Person who needs report (reserve) that receipt stamp of the prefecture was affixed a seal of,

(1)In the case of bringing: We bring Part 2 including report (reserve)
(2)In the case of mail: Please enclose self-addressed envelope which you put Part 2 and stamp on including report (reserve). 


Please submit by bringing and mail because you cannot seal in the case of email when receipt stamp is necessary.

When submission and envelope only for copy do not enter, please note that I do not return reserve.
Please put submitted by email in [title of email] and [attached file name] with "reporter name" (company name) "+ manifesto report" by all means.
In addition, when we submit report for plural workplaces at the same time,
Please can enter with "name of reporter name (company name) + workplace" "+ manifesto report".

 Example) "○○ Saga factory" "manifesto report"

   "○○ Saga second factory" "manifesto report"

Please send attached file at less than 5MB. When you exceed capacity, you compress in Zip, and please transmit.
When title is abnormally long, it may be refused all to receive about email of cases such as alphanumeric characters or HTML format by server.

Report submitted by email will reply by one email of "I see report and accepted" without mistake after having confirmed contents. (I inform contents of resubmission and modified point if there are any mistake and inquiry points)

Even if is over one month, accept; reply of email as may not receive when there is not any contact, please contact transmission or post in charge again.


Penal regulations

  When manifesto grants neglect duty of advisory, we may be urged to take necessary measure by Saga the Governer, and so may be announced when we do not obey advice. When improvement is not seen after the public announcement, we are ordered to take necessary measure and are imposed on for fines imprisonment or less or 500,000 yen or less in June when it violates this order.


Style downloading

    • The making point 

PDF "Situation report making point as for the industrial waste control documentation (manifesto) grants" (February, 2019 revision). pdf We open with the other window(PDF: 1 megabyte)

      Please read making gist by all means. We put flowchart of documents necessary for report on page of the beginning.

  • Mention example, check sheet

Excel Illustration mention example and common mistake, submission check sheet (February, 2019 revision) .xls We open with the other window(Excel: 2.97 megabytes)

  • Style                

Let's utilize electronic manifesto 

 We computerize manifesto information, and electronic manifesto system is structure which 3 people of discharge company, collection transportation supplier, disposal supplier exchange in network through Information Processing Center. 

 (1) Efficiency of paperwork

 (2) Legal compliance (compliance)

 (3) Transparency of data

 There is nadono effect, and cost such as management of a large quantity of paper and data is reduced specifically, and there is merit that loss and entry leak of data, injustice entry disappear.

 In addition, about use of electronic manifesto, report is not necessary.

 Related link below look at "we promote the spread of electronic manifestoes in Saga" in detail.


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