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About mention of my number to applications having submit to Saga and identity verification measures (the field of local taxes)

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・Thing which sai of 12 digits of personal numbers (my number) is necessary for is on applications having you submit to Saga from January, 2016.

・In addition, we hope that we come over to window with thing which can confirm my number and birth and parentage as we pretend to be and will perform identity verification for prevention when we have you submit application listed my number in.

  (1) Documents which my number mention is necessary for 

   Mention of my number is necessary for (including procedure that municipalities become reception counter) such as applications submitted to Saga after January, 2016. 

  Procedure that mention is necessary for for number, corporation number my in the field of local taxes

About the handling of personal number, corporation number in the field of local taxes (prefectural tax) With new window(53KB, PDF file)

(2) About identity verification 

  When have submit applications listed my number in, of another person pretend to be, and it is necessary to perform "number confirmation" (confirmation of being right personal number) and "birth and parentage (the existence) confirmation" (confirmation of thing providing being right owner of number) as strict identity verification equal o to prevent.

I would like    your understanding and cooperation.

(3) Documents necessary for identity verification based on the number method

 Identity verification performs confirmation and identification of my number (number).

Number confirmation Birth and parentage (the existence) confirmation

(1)My number card (the back side)

(1)My number card (the surface)

(2)Notice card or resident's cards (with number)

(2)Driver's license or passports

Confirmation of file which we made after checking the person in the past when the above was difficult

When the above is difficult, it is presented documents such as identification of person insured, pension book of health insurance

(1)If there are any my number cards, confirmation of my number and confirmation of birth and parentage are possible with one piece.

(2)When we do not acquire my number card, we confirm my number, and documents which can do identification such as driver's license or passport are necessary for notice card.

※In addition, please confirm the details of identity verification measures pertaining to prefectural tax than the following. 

  →About identity verification documents except the above in the field of local taxes (prefectural tax) With new window(141KB, PDF file)

  →About documents admitting that use of personal number desk work enforcer in the field of local taxes (prefectural tax) is suitable With new window(167KB, PDF file)

(4) About application by mail and commission

○In the case of request by mail, please send copy of documents of identity verification.

○In the case of application by agent, documents (my number card of agent, driver's license book) which there are documents (proxy) and identification of of agent that we can confirm of the power of attorney are necessary.

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