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Plan display "Arita ware judging from formal document"

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 Commemorative age to be Arita ware founding 400 years in 2016 (Heisei 28). The Meiji period later, Arita ware got popularity at open exhibition in all the countries of the world including Vienna World Exposition (1873) and raised evaluation abroad. We displayed official document about establishment or successor upbringing of association to develop Arita ware as industry at the time.

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Main display material introduction

Condition of a prefecture outline cover Than condition of a prefecture outline

Imperial inspection product Imperial inspection product photograph

Condition of a prefecture outline



 The prefecture settled about the prefecture situation, and it is written down that ceramics install prefectural institute of technology in P.S. and Aritacho of prefectural expenses subsidy to each trade association which installed in "thing which is the most important among this prefecture mechanic products" and positioning, Nishimatsuura that is chief producing center and Fujitsu-gun and took measures for industry development than before.

The Emperor Showa Grand Ceremony of Accession presentation product record

(November, 1928)


 On Grand Ceremony of Accession (ceremony of accession) of the Emperor Showa, Saga industrial association gave vase made by KORANSHA and business card bowl made by Fukagawa Porcelain.

 Figure, photograph was attached to record of presentation product with explanation of design of meaning in celebration of Grand Ceremony of Accession.

fotoshoSchool building photograph

Course of study and class schedule

(March, 1896)


 In 1895, Arita-cho other 4 village Arida disciple of Buddha school (current prefectural Arida technical high school) was established. The years required for graduation were four years and were class constitution that focused on training than theory. Student specialized in picture on porcelain, *tsuki (basis material or glaze), either of product made in torsion (molding or burning) to raise specialty of each process of Arita ware which took the division of labor production system and, in kenshu, was not admitted.

From 1902 to 1956

Building which was used as school building of Arida technical high school




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