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We established Jay scrum (Saga ocean energy industrial cluster workshop)

The last update date:

 We held the first Saga ocean energy industrial cluster workshop to constitute today in industry, academic institution, government offices/business group, financial institution.

 We made direction of the sea on the whole venue as approach of ocean energy and established panels to introduce approach of ocean energy of Saga to in venue lobby and planned PR to participant.

 About 100 all of you had you participate and came over to Mayor Sakai of local Karatsu-shi, Mayor Tsukabe of Imari-shi, and interchange between members was planned, too and finished for successful meeting on that day.

 Material of the day and held states are as follows. 




1 sponsor greeting (Saga the Governer Sho Yamaguchi justice)

  • Area where Saga tries manufacturing hard very much. The town of energy origin that here Karatsu prospered in coal mine. Teenage Naomasa Nabeshima has the honor of being, but, in 1844, we get on Dutchman called Palembang by oneself and sense Western technique bodily. It is Saga that made reverberatory furnace very first.
  • Approach of Saga always makes trial and error from the old days. Various strong connections to let feeling and wisdom to stand forward in environment at that time, and to charge cooperate then that problem is never discouraged and is not daunted by, such a thing breathe in the ground of Karatsu in the ground of well this Saga.
  • Saga wants to work for heart of manufacturing looking ahead well. We want to write down cluster workshop with big the first step and the second step, the third step.
  • Saga University ocean energy research center of Imari is unique excellent facility, and there is comfortable environment that both proof field of Kabeshima and fisherman meet, and there is environment that is easy to cooperate, and reference materials and cooperation company and various thing want to make use of such an environment well from anywhere.


We establish 2 terms 

We established "Saga ocean energy industrial cluster workshop terms" according to the attachment.

(please refer to attached file.) 


We decide name of 3 workshops in "J ☆ SCRM"

Suggestion was done by thought "that we would do for name to hold such a dream to concentrate wisdom of everybody, and to interest ocean energy industry!" and consulted with member, and it was approved by Governor Yamaguchi.


Name suggestion 1 Name suggestion 2


We decide 4 officers  


Y B M Tetsuo Yoshida 


University of Tokyo's emeritus professor Kenji Kinoshita

(Saga ocean renewable energy promotion meeting committee member) 

Representative of Genkai, Saga fishermen's cooperative association director ealdorman Kazumasa Kawasaki

(Saga ocean renewable energy promotion meeting chairperson)  


5 chairperson greetings (Chairperson Yoshida)

 ・ "Various fields gather. There was suggestion that there were greetings saying mood to enter the field of energy in many companies wants you to increase and put Professor Monde of former Saga University ocean energy center length to advisor in greetings. Professor Monde of venue approved, too, and setting of advisor was decided. 



Saga University vicepresident Masanori Monde


Chairperson greetings

Chairperson Yoshida greetings 


6 combination shooting meetings

To celebrate the first step of "J ☆ SCRM", Yamaguchi Saga the Governer, the Mayor of Karatsu, Sakai, Mayor Imari Tsukabe, Chairperson Yoshida, Vice Chairperson Kinoshita, Vice Chairperson Kawasaki, Advisor Monde gathered and held joint shooting society.


Joint photograph


5 symposiums

We had you give a lecture from specialists in ocean energy, and information sharing did the situation of ocean energy.


(1)About "approach of the government for marine renewable energy"

Lecturer: Cabinet Secretariat synthesis marine policy headquarters secretariat Counsellor, Cabinet Secretariat Ei Yoshida


(2)About "approaches such as marine wind-generated electricity in NEDO"

Lecturer: National research and development corporation New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) new energy part unification researcher Shoji Ito


(3)About "approach of marine wind-generated electricity through NEDO ocean wind-generated electricity proof study"

Lecturer: Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd (Electric Power Development) environment energy Division wind power business room general manager Noboru Sakamoto 


(4)"Expectation - to local company as current situation of use of marine reproduction energy and future fine-view - supply chain"

Lecturer: University of Tokyo's emeritus professor Kenji Kinoshita


Counselor Yoshida Ito unification researcher

Counsellor, Cabinet Secretariat Ei Yoshida                 NEDO Shoji Ito 


Sakamoto general manager Professor Kinoshita

Electric Power Development Noboru Sakamoto              University of Tokyo's emeritus professor Kenji Kinoshita 



<state of venue>

 State of lobby The venue

Attached file

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Saga material With new window(1,884KB, PDF file)  

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