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To NPO, NGO managers Saga of activity is not based?

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 In Saga, we invite CSO (NPO, NGO) who can make better Saga together.

 Do you not begin activity in CSO (NPO, NGO) having know-how to lead various area problems to solution, right or wrong Saga?

Dialogue agreement conclusion photograph

Exchange meeting with the prefecture CSO

Advance agreement with the first invitation (*hi) dialog Japan Society looks the conclusion-type

State of exchange meeting with CSO and the prefecture CSO who had you come by invitation


We conclude agreement with CSO who had Saga advance between the prefecture, Mirai Saga creation fund and have you push forward activity in Saga.

 ※CSO is abbreviation of Civil Society Organizations (civil society organization) and we refer to "CSO" including residents' association, neighborhood association, women's society, old man society, organization, group such as PTA and, in Saga, solve area problem together not only NPO corporation, Civil activities, volunteer group.

1) Why does Saga attract CSO?

2) Merit when advanced to Saga? ?

3) What kind of what is Saga?

4) Voice of people advanced to

5) The local government, local reaction  

1) Why does Saga attract CSO?

 In Saga, we invite CSO playing an active part in outside the prefecture and bring about inflow of human resources and the new employment and perform this approach that the prefecture CSO improves skill through interchange with invitation CSO or know-how offer from the CSO concerned, connects with still local problem solution.

We want to have you perform various approaches while having you have you move into action with CSO in Saga and notice good point of Saga.

Network of CSO of Saga is very strong, and the acceptance system of CSO whom we invited is set. Do you not work in Saga until now while making use of know-how of activity cultivated in other prefectures?


"Let's work in Saga together!" 

The Governer photograph
 Saga is prefecture regarding connection with people and person as important. In addition to comfortable nature and living environment, traffic access, (Kyushu Saga International Airport, Kyushu Shinkansen) are substantial, too. It is attractive that the system that CSO (NPO, NGO) including support by "Furusato Nouzei" (NPO support) and various support collaborates with the government is set. Let's work in Saga together as new base flapping in the world. 
                                                                                                   Saga the Governer Sho Yamaguchi justice


2) Merit when advanced to Saga? ?

 When it was advanced to Saga, you can utilize subsidy and various system oogo.


Saga invitation CSO activity support subsidy

  Base is moved by Saga and prepares subsidy when people are employed.

  • Supporting amount of money: Amount of money (the range of budget) that we calculated by calculating formula of 500,000 yen X (the number of the people of number of the new hires + transfer)
  • Supporting target expense: Rent such as offices, personnel expenses, the travel expenses, the apparatus acquisition costs, use costs, labor costs
  • Supporting requirements: Reshuffling the new employment or human resources in Saga within six months from day when we concluded agreement pertaining to advance 

  ※ About detailed important matters about subsidy,PDF please confirm Saga invitation CSO activity support subsidy grant summary We open with the other window(PDF: 165.9 kilobytes).


Saga CSO suggestion type collaboration creation business

 Only administration does not provide service to improve satisfaction of living of inhabitants, and it is necessary for various main constituents such as CSO to carry the community service. Therefore, we have the prefecture, municipalities suggest new business from CSO and plan solution of various area problems by collaboration after the discussion.

Suggestion type collaboration creation business
Suggestion type collaboration creation business scheme

   For more details, please see Saga homepage CSO suggestion type collaboration creation business.


Furusato Nouzei (designated contribution such as NPO)

 There is Furusato Nouzei (designated contribution such as NPO) which appoints CSO to support local action by CSO, and raises contribution in Saga.

We issue 90% of amount of contribution to appointed CSO. ※It is limited to CSO meeting requirements that Saga establishes.

  Contribution results 2015 14 association 153.143 million yen

         2016 24 association 230.92 million yen

         2017 44 association 461.024 million yen

         2018 61 association 531.798 million yen

         2019 80 association 808.406 million yen

Furusato Nouzei scheme
Furusato Nouzei (designated contribution schemes such as NPO)

  ※For more details, please see Saga homepage Furusato Nouzei (designated contribution such as NPO).


3) What kind of what is Saga?

  • Activity environment of NPO corporation is rich! 

   The population ratio of NPO corporation is the whole country tenth place! ※As of the end of March, 2019

  • Promotion of positive one campaign 

   Citizen of the prefecture workplace and domestic any other one contribution to society activity! We promote "positive one" to call for this exercise.

   ・31.8% of volunteer participation rate * 2011: The national ninth place

   ・Activity rate 59.4% of Saga staff * 2016

  • There are few disasters

   The assumption death toll of Nankai Trough earthquake is "0" sole prefectures in Kyushu.

  • Natural environments are rich

    It is nearby, and there are the sea and mountain and can touch with nature anytime.

  • Prices are low

      Expense necessary for land prices and rent, life including the food expenses is low, and a space can live a certain life.

   ・2018 retail prices statistics Surveys * whole country average = 100

   [food] Tokyo: 103.1vs Saga: 98.3

   [house] Tokyo: 133.0vs Saga: 83.8    

  • Strategic point of traffic

      Kyushu Saga International Airport is about 25 minutes by car from center of Saga-shi. We operate Haneda flight five flights a day, Narita service (LCC) one flight a day. Saga Haneda is about one

        Is flight of time and a half, and, also, Saga is located in Northwest Kyushu, and expressway has crosspoint "Tosu junction", railroad is nine

    There is "JR Shin-Tosu Station" of state Shinkansen Kagoshima route (all Sanyo/Kyusyu Shinkansen "cherry tree" car stops) and is proud of outstanding convenience.

 In addition, about information of Saga, please see introduction page of Saga.


4) Voice of CSO advanced to

We start outside the prefecture CSO invitation business in 2015 and CSO of 9 groups is Saga and has been already worked.

We make use of business know-how cultivated so far, and, also, activity in Saga is begun a full-scale through interchange with the prefecture CSO, the prefecture, municipalities, company.


The first non profit organization dialog Japan Society We open with the other window(external link) (H27.8 moon advance)

Saga should be said to be barrier-free NO.1 of heart sometime!

 Dialogue in the dark (the following DID) is social entertainment to experience various scenes by guidance of visually-impaired person called attend between the sky of jet black that completely interrupted light. We advanced to Saga three years ago, and 1,800 primary schoolchildren of what Saga experienced DID in three years! Very lively children said, "friend and a person's existence are great" in darkness. We have lot vs. a talk with attend. And attend made its debut woman living in Saga. This prefecture should be surely said to be barrier-free NO.1 of heart soon. Well, as children experienced DID.


Representative director Kiyoe Shimura


No. 2 non profit organization Asia Pacific alliance Japan (A-PAD Japan) We open with the other window(external link) (H28.2 moon advance)


 If large-scale Emergencies support activity has the collaboration system with administration and NPO

A-PAD Japan which is Japanese member of international organization "Asia Pacific alliance" (A-PAD) establishes the headquarters in Saga from 2016, and Emergencies support at the time of disaster in home and abroad works. We had hatsuwazawaichokugo appoint as contribution of Saga Furusato Nouzei and were connected by Kumamoto earthquake and North Kyushu heavy rain, West Japan heavy rain for realization of quick and large-scale support. If there was the collaboration system with administration and NPO, such a support was able to be realized. We further strengthen cooperation with hospital and medical institution and will continue base of disaster prevention support and activity that it is in here Saga sequentially in future.


Representative director Kensuke Onishi


No. 3 authorization non profit organization peace Win's Japan We open with the other window(external link) (H28.2 moon advance)


Representative from pwj

CSO of Saga has enthusiasm. Utmost support, cooperation system is attractive.


Peace Win's Japan opened office to Saga in 2015 and began activity. It cooperates with Saga and adds to new base of International partnership and disaster relief that are conventional areas of activity and thing doing and works on promotion of folk crafts. CSO of Saga has enthusiasm, and horizontal connection is strong. He/she accepts various consultation kindly. It is big charm in Saga that Furusato Nouzei is available for CSO activity. We work on disseminating information product development with domestic and foreign designers with we work on support of folk crafts. We make power to be able to come to be able to be pleased with Saga.

Project homepage: Peace Crafts SAGA We open with the other window(external link)


Representative director Kensuke Onishi


Meeting We open with the other window(external link) which helps No. 4 non profit organization refugees (H28.8 moon advance)


The world that is inkurushibu from Saga. Do you not think with AAR?

In international NGO, AAR Japan [meeting helping refugees] Saga office, we convey the situation that support activity in 15 countries and local various places are placed in again in local various places from primary schoolchild to university student and are doing activity to think about together. We keep in mind to make time only in NGO walking the spot where we do not lump together with "refugees" and "dispute victim", and we see each person's face, and voice reaches. In addition, we make use of knowledge of domestic disaster support and we collaborate with group inside and outside the prefecture and push forward activity of Disaster prevention/mitigation. With large field of vision, we want to contribute to Saga community improvement to include a variety of people, livings, thought so that AAR is required as "public goods" from area.
Director Yukie Osa

No. 5 non profit organization bridge Forsmile We open with the other window(external link) (H28.10 moon advance)


Representative from b4s
We are supported by everybody of Saga and do our best!
We started business in the autumn of 2016 in Saga, and full three years passed early. Over these 3 years, we carry out independence support program to junior and senior high school students such as child nursing home or foster home in Saga, young man 130 after exit, and 70 cooperators supporting activity rise in cooperation company to 30.
In cooperation with facility, child consultation center, we put up each person's "continuation support plan" before being given "18-year-old leaving the nest support business" in trust from Saga from August, 2018, and leaving facility and start "support that snuggled up to each one" and new approach including "place to stay business" to be able to drop in in peace anytime.
We make gen uha easy ku shortage and do "support to snuggle up to each one" that we aim at. When we come across various problems and difficulties, understanding of staff of accumulation and facility of past experience and foster parents, support of prefectural officials, many cooperators, existence of supporter become our big support.
We will widen activity together from now on while having everybody of Saga support.
Director Keiko Hayashi

The No. 6 authorization non profit organization terra Renaissance We open with the other window(external link) (H29.11 moon advance)

From Saga International partnership. We make peace from Saga.

Evil society is Asia, International partnership group performing independence support mainly of African dispute victims. We started activity in Saga at thought to want to let enlightenment activity in the prefecture, "seeding to peace" activate. We carry out activities in monthly event holding and lecture in educational institution for all generations. Support from the prefectural office, CSO people concerned and citizens of the prefecture contributes to the fact that it can continue while being group from outside the prefecture. We promote peace education, international understanding education of citizens of the prefecture and will increase activity for "realization of world peace" more from now on.
Director Shingo Ogawa

Association of No. 7 authorization non profit organization Japan rescue We open with the other window(external link) (H30.6 moon advance)

Structure structure to dispatch emergency rescue dog at the time of disaster in Kyushu from Saga

Association of rescue in Japan assumes "we contribute to society with dog" idea and performs three activities. As for the first, upbringing, dispatch of emergency rescue dog, the second dispatch upbringing of therapy dog, and the third is animal settlement. We received invitation from Saga in June of H30 year and established Saga Branch. It is for structure structure to be dispatched quickly in the field from Saga when disaster was caused in Kyushu range. We are looking for wide land which we add training facilities of emergency rescue dog to office in the Saga prefecture and can establish now. We will try for improvement of disaster prevention awareness of Saga, disaster prevention power reinforcement parallel to base setting.
Director Kazumasa Yoshinaga

No. 8 child's house food cheering party We open with the other window(external link) (H30.11 moon advance)

Child's house food
Saga is advanced area of child, young people's support! There is the soil where Civil activities group cooperates with the government

In child's house food cheering party, we provide know-how of child's house meal business sending food to child care household without room economically. When we build relationship with parent and child through sending food, and there is annoyance, child's house meal is approach to tie to necessary support. In Saga, we perform support for the fund furtherance and stable business administration in 2 groups in hope of administration of child's house food. In child's house food, support that needs of home had is essential. In Saga, we have the soil where child, young man support group cooperates and come by business administration in peace. We do for approach that good interaction is born as with area and administrative everybody in future.
Representative director Hiroki Komazaki 

 No. 9 authorization non profit organization citizen welfare group whole country meeting We open with the other window(external link) (R2.3 moon advance)



   We are the first in "community with the gentle welfare" "to be able to die at home" in Saga!


  shiminkyo is the care, welfare system For NPO support, it is 1. Reporting 2. It is consulting training, personnel training 3

  4.We assume policy proposal main business, activity for Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, administration. In addition, it is net between NPO

  Is going to make community with the welfare through the making of work, and is for this purpose, personnel training of NPO non-

  We are thinking with possible lack. Therefore as for the relations of the local government, company, cooperative, community organization and NPO for emergency

  Important. There are many middle support groups such as shiminkyo, and "area symbiosis society" which Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare says is brought up, and can put together

  It is necessary for to be brought up, and local NPO to develop. For development of "local symbiosis society" of Saga, it is everybody

  We push forward activity in this together.


   Tamiko Murai of Prince representative director Naoki Tanaka Washio child
Association of No. 10 Japan car sharing We open with the other window(external link) (R2.5 moon advance)
   We open mechanism of we make with contribution car, assisting from Saga
   We will establish Kyushu Branch triggered by support by heavy rain in August, 2019. We
   It is made with structure of assisting utilizing contribution car to perform. At the time of disaster that supported in the case of the heavy rain mentioned above
   Make structure which can borrow car from free for a certain period of time when suffered by car, and life poor and hieirikatsu
   Cooperation katsu using cars such as rental of car supporting motion and going out support of elderly person or periodical shopping tour
   We perform maids introducing motion into area. "Society where we are full of cooperation and are continued living in in peace"
   We widen this from Saga.
   Representative director Takehiko Yoshizawa

5) Welcome Saga.

As for the CSO (NPO, NGO) in Saga, Saga advance of outside the prefecture CSO (NPO, NGO) is waited for!

Kenichiro YamadaHiroyuki Ono
(public interest incorporated foundation) Representative of Mirai Saga creation foundation director Kenichiro Yamada 
 I take pride in Saga being the first to do Civil activities. That Saga who came with good point can show performance better than anywhere else; it is possible for what while valuing a person's connection local because Civil activities does in prosperous place, or we want to act together, too.
Meeting vice-director Hiroyuki Ono of authorized non profit organization earth citizen
 We are from Hyogo, and I live in Saga, and it is 22 years. While we are supported in authorized NPO corporation which is International partnership NGO by many people, based in Saga, we support children in Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka.

Saga is easy to get support of many people, and administration is felt jealous of for Civil activities very much from other prefectures in the prefecture with understanding, too. Do you not work in CSO (NPO, NGO) of outside the prefecture Saga together? 


To all of NPO, the NGOs Saga of activity is not based?


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