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You have you confirm the following matters, and please advance to the lower page.

1. Rule and request for answer
      (1)Mentions of the name, address

 When answer is hoped for,

・The accurate name (only as for the phonetic symbol, impossible),

・Address (like "1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi" to lot number as for the cases such as apartment or apartment to issue room),

・E-Mail address

Please fill this in.

   (2) Deadline for answer

 From department in charge, we will respond 10th in aim (excluded on closed days.) from the next day of day when we received email.

     (3) We cannot reply 

When we already have email of the again same purpose from contributor about contents which we responded from department in charge once, we transfer email to department in charge and should be reference of future duties.

   When we belong to slander slander, verbal abuse, religion, commercial purpose, invitation to another person, event request, individual present and judge with (Personal, personal, political thing), we will not reply. In addition, please note that you may not reply depending on contents.

     (4) Opinion to the police

 We would like opinions to the police in consultation counter We open with the other window(external link) of The Prefectural Police Headquarters directly. (when I receive opinion about jurisdiction matter of the police, consultation, question from "opinion to prefectural government", we turn down personal information and transfer to The Prefectural Police Headquarters. Please note that you do not reply from the prefecture.)

2. The handling of personal information

 Information (called "personal information".) that individuals of the name to have you fill out column of "opinion to prefectural government", address, e-mail address are identified is very important. Public Relations and Hearings Division (public hearing charge) in charge of receptionist of "opinion to prefectural government" and department in charge (room, place) manage personal information that we had appropriately.

 We use personal information that we had for any purpose other than purpose of our section and, without consent of contributor, may not contribute to other sections (room, place) and third parties of the prefecture.

 On prefectural homepage, we perform the handling of personal information based on "Saga privacy policy and action program" about protection of "personal information" that we had.

3. Flow of opinion (email)
(1)"Opinion to prefectural government" email receives in Public Relations and Hearings Division (public hearing charge).
(2)Including personal information that we had, we transfer the email to department in charge promptly. (it is said that we turn down personal information in the police headquarters and transfer.)
(3)In opinion to meet requirements of "1 asks with rule of answer" mentioned above, we will reply from department in charge.
(4)We will publish the point of main opinion and answer in "introduction of opinion". (personal information that had you fill out in the case of contribution deletes.)

 It deals with "opinion to prefectural government" email by such a rule. When it is thought that the handling against this rule is done, please feel free to tell.

  • Automatic reply email arrives when we have you transmit. When automatic reply email does not arrive, e-mail address filled in may be wrong.
  • As you may not inform of mobile address when setting such as refusing email from PC is done, please be careful.
  • As there might be mojibake, half size katakana, circle box number, number of Greece, Foreign System Font, different style, platform dependent characters are not available.
  • I would like newline by all means for each 4-5 lines to prevent mojibake as there might be mojibake when 1 paragraph becomes than 400 characters.
  • As contribution contents are not saved, they recommend that they have copy of contents stolen before it is transmitted to PC of the use.
      ・In the case of mail

   〒840-8570 1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi

   Opinion charge to department of policy Public Relations and Hearings Division prefectural government

   Please send madeo.


  ※In addition, we accept even mailing to prefectural government suggestion box of setting in 12 prefecture.

  ・abanse, prefectural museum, art museum, The Prefectural Library, prefectural space Hall of Science, Nagoya Castle Museum, Saga Prefectural Taxation Office

  ・Eastern Construction Office, Karatsu Prefectural Taxation Office, Imari agriculture and forestry office, Takeo Prefectural Taxation Office, Kyushu ceramics Museum, administrative window


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