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 Exclusive website of "Saga design" opened! We open with the other window(external link)

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Approach of "Saga design" won "good design best 100" of good design prize in 2017!
For more details, it is exhibited on good design prize website We open with the other window(external link)!

About "Saga design"


What is "Saga design?"

 It is one of the viewpoints to improve quality of Saga in promoting measure to realize the basic principles "making of Saga of comprehensive plan 2015 who can be proud of people to the world carefully".

 We wait for a person's living and do area pleasantly by polishing up "thing" and "thing" that it seems to be Saga in viewpoint of design, and giving new value and say rich thing mastering.

 By Policy Division Saga design charge, they build outside network with designer and creator, consultant, and the welfare, education, industry introduce viewpoint of design into project over every bureau as consultation counter of business, measure.


Figure to aim at of "Saga design"

 We aim for person of all main constituents working on business polishing up things in viewpoint of design to make feeling better, and to make someone's living and town, area a rich one in "Saga design". We perform the spread, enlightenment about approach of "Saga design" to realize that.


About approach of "Saga design"

Prefectural office CLASS
Prefectural office CLASS (Asset Management Division)
We renew old the Governer rooms to "class" where children who are not simple exhibition room can learn Saga from happily. Anyone can come casually.
Picture postcard
Saga formula postcard (Tourism Division, federation of sightseeing in Saga)
Postcard which cut scenery of Saga in unprecedented viewpoint in cooperation with creator including photographer.   
"Saga design" is one of the examples that performed direction of product design.
Prefectural office Main Building meeting space "EN- - not to obtain" (Forestry Division)
Originally we renew interview room that there was in good quality of wood space of feeling.
It includes function as model room to publicize regional wood.

About structure of "Saga design"

 We build network led by creator designer with relationship to Saga and we have you participate in advice and project in business planning and are doing. By having you concern with expert for each phase from plan stage to implementation phase, also bring about measure, business with characteristic effectively.
 From person having interest for participation in planning to this network in "Saga design" look forward to hearing from.




It is presentation 1 without permissionIt is presentation 2 without permissionIt is presentation 3 without permissionIt is presentation 4 without permission
It is presentation FES since 2016 without permission
Project that creator suggests free idea for Saga.
As for the idea undertaken an enterprise newly from here.


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Saga prefectural government office (corporation number 1000020410004)

1-1-59, Jonai, Saga-shi
Tel: 0952-24-2111 (main)
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