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Please be careful about heat stroke

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It is this about the heat stroke prevention in "new lifestyle" that assumed new coronavirus

Please be careful about heat stroke

     [homepage exhibition period: from Monday, May 11, 2020 on Thursday, October 1, 2020]

  • Heat stroke occurs frequently from July through August.
  • As we tend to occur frequently in various events and meetings, farming average and the sports medium grade, enough heat stroke countermeasures is necessary.   
  • As symptom of heat stroke is not same, and danger may extend to life if symptom becomes severe, it knows the prevention method that, at first, is appropriate, and it is important to prevent outbreak of heat stroke.

     We utilize heat stroke prevention sites of our homepage and Ministry of the Environment, and let's try for the prevention of heat stroke!  


 (the prefectural Health Promotion Division investigation)

 Ministry of the Environment heat stroke prevention information site [we forecast as of 20:00 on Friday, August 7, 2020]

・Saturday, August 8, 2020


The expected best heat index

Five phases of levels※

(high reference of heat index)

The expected highest temperature


29 degrees Celsius

(predicted value best as of 12:00, 15:00) 

Severe caution

30 degrees Celsius


29 degrees Celsius

(predicted value best as of 12:00, 15:00)

Severe caution


30 degrees Celsius

(predicted value best as of 12:00, 15:00)

Severe caution

31 degrees Celsius 


29 degrees Celsius

(predicted value best as of 12:00, 15:00)

Severe caution


30 degrees Celsius

(predicted value best as of 12:00)

Severe caution

 We display at five phases of levels from association of sports "heat stroke preventive guidebook in Japan during sports activity" (2019).



From association of ... Japan sports "heat stroke preventive guidebook during sports activity" (2019) ...



Heat index


 Heat stroke preventive exercise guideline

35 degrees Celsius

The above

31 degrees Celsius or more

Principle cancellation

In WBGT31 ℃ higher than, we cancel exercise except when it is special.

In the case of child in particular, you should cancel.

31-35 degrees Celsius

28-31 degrees Celsius

Severe caution

As it is at great risk of heat stroke, in WBGT28 ℃ higher than, we avoid exercise that temperature including intense exercise and long-distance running is easy to rise to. We take break every 10-20 minutes and supply water, salt.

Person who is poor at heat ※This reduces exercise or cancels.

28-31 degrees Celsius

25-28 degrees Celsius


As danger of heat stroke increases in WBGT25 ℃ higher than, we take break positively and supply water, salt appropriately.

By intense exercise, we take break for every 30 minutes.

24-28 degrees Celsius

21-25 degrees Celsius


In WBGT21 ℃ higher than, fatal accident due to heat stroke may occur. With care to sign of heat stroke, we supply water, salt between exercise positively.

Less than 24 degrees Celsius

Less than 21 degrees Celsius

Approximately safe

Danger of heat stroke is usually small, but appropriate water, supply of salt is necessary for WBGT21 ℃ under. As heat stroke occurs on this condition by citizens' marathons, we are careful.

 ※Person who is poor at heat: People who are not used to person having low physical strength, obese person and heat


  From ... Japanese Society of Biometeorology "heat stroke prevention guideline Ver.3 in everyday life" (2013) ...

Temperature standard
You should be careful
Indication of life activity
(31 degrees or more)
The risk to get angry at about all life activitiesEven rest state is at increased risk for occurring in the elderly person. We avoid going out if possible and move to the cool room.
Severe caution
(28-31 degrees)
We avoid hot weather bottom when going out and are careful about rises in room temperature in the room.
(25-28 degrees)
The risk to get angry at about the moderate above-mentioned life activityWhen we do exercise and intense work, we adopt rest enough regularly.
(less than 25 degrees)
The risk to get angry at about strong life activityGenerally, there is little risk, but there is the risk to occur at the time of intense exercise and hard labor.

 ※(28-31 degrees Celsius) and, about (25-28 degrees Celsius), show less than 28 degrees Celsius 25 degrees Celsius or more less than 31 degrees Celsius 28 degrees Celsius or more each.




※ WBGT index is said to be "heat index" and is humidity, radiant heat that influence is big in heat balance of the human body, index that adopted three of temperature.               

※As you may have accident due to heat stroke by neighboring environment, physical condition of the day, work contents if heat index is low, you act for usually brisk hydration, and please be careful for physical condition management enough.


※For more details, please confirm Ministry of the Environment heat stroke prevention information site We open with the other window(external link).


※In site "disaster prevention net anan" of cell-phone, "heat index" of the next day is delivered automatically at 16:00. Person in charge recommends registration.

We know right prophylaxis, actions to be taken of heat stroke, and let's survive hot summer this year

Heat stroke?

 Under the high temperature environment, balance of internal water and salt collapses and is generic name of obstacle to develop for internal adjustment function failing.

  We are classified in following three when we classify disease severity of heat stroke from the viewpoint of "need of concrete treatment".





(slight illness) 

  • State that bloodstream to "dizziness, faint" (we feel dizzy =) ... brain was short momentarily
  • Lack of salt (including sodium) associated with "stiffening (= leg cramps) of muscular pain, muscle" ... sweat
  • "Numbness, feeling unpleasantness of hands and feet"


(medium grade symptom)

  • Unpleasantness, nausea, vomiting, lassitude, despondency of headache, feeling     


Three times

(serious case)


  • Of "disturbance of consciousness, convulsions, hands and feet body that reaction to motor deficit" ... appeal and stimulation is funny cannot walk straight calyx calyx and hiki kitsukigaaru, cannot run
  • The touch to be hot when we touch "hyperthermy" ... body

[than heat stroke environmental health manual 2018]


Prophylaxis of heat stroke

(1) Let's avoid heat

 We choose the shade and walk and keep off direct rays of the sun with bamboo blind, curtain, and let's devise living environment.

(2) Good light clothes of ventilation are most suitable

 Clothes are light, and thing of white system which is hard to absorb heat in absorbency and air permeable good material is suitable. Let's prevent direct rays of the sun with hat or parasol when going out.


(3) Let's supply water, salt diligently

As hot day is gradually sweaty while we do not know, let's supply water diligently. Particularly, on humid day, quantity of sweat increases, too. Let's supply sports drink depending on enough water and salt, need by just that much.


(4) We are careful on day becoming suddenly hot. Let's make bodies for heat

 We have heat stroke well on day when temperature rose suddenly between the rainy season and hot and humid day of passing of the rainy season. As body is not used to heat at this time, heat stroke is easy to be caused. We spend time outdoors on day that became suddenly hot, and attention is particularly necessary if we work after a long absence in hot environment.

 In addition, physical condition of the day influences outbreak of heat stroke, too. We usually keep regular life in mind and carry out an activity having light degree without unreasonableness, and let's make bodies which are not defeated by heat.

  • Elderly person requires attention in particular
    In the case of elderly person, temperature control function decreases by aging, and resistance for heat decreases. In addition, it is necessary to consume water particularly diligently without judging degree of the water loss from drought to become hard to feel drought.
  • Children, infant require attention, too

    Ability of temperature control function and sweat gland has not developed enough yet, and, like elderly person, protector observes enough as risk of heat stroke is higher than adult, and measures that supply water, and are appropriate are necessary.


≪Intention at the time of exercise≫

 Heat stroke body of environment and body control exercise rather lightly because often take place when cannot run a fever when became suddenly hot, and it is important to gradually adjust body to heat.


 We can prevent heat stroke during exercise, activity by appropriate precautionary measures. When we work on exercise in group, person in charge usually understands heat stroke, and preventive thing considering is important.


  • We will grasp environmental condition
    Heat index (WBGT) that we matched temperature, humidity, radiant heat with is desirable for index of environmental condition.
  • Hydration depending on the situation
    When we are hot, we supply water diligently, and let's take break around once in 30 minutes. When we scratch a lot of sweat by long-time exercise, supply of salt is necessary, too. 0. 1-0. Around 2% of salt solutions (in water of 1ℓ 1-2 g of salt) are suitable.
  • When get sick, to hasten; measures
    When we got sick, we cancel exercise early, and let's take necessary measures.

Emergency measure of heat stroke

  (1)Evacuation to cool environment

 We let you take a rest at the good shade of ventilation or place where air-conditioner worked.


(2) Stripping and cooling

 Posture that loosens clothing, and is easy.

 It cools body by fanning with round fan and electric fan. It is effective to win cooling packs mainly on big blood vessel (neck, armpits, the root of thigh).


(3) Supply of water, salt

 When there is consciousness; hydration. 0.1-0.2% of salt solutions or sports drinks which salt lost for sweat can supplement appropriately when there is sweat in large quantities are most suitable.  

 Hydration "is contraindicated" without consciousness.


(4) If is not unconscious, ambulance

 We notify "the 119th" immediately if we are not unconscious, and let's call ambulance.

 If even if lie down at time when cannot consume water by oneself, state is not restored; immediately to medical facility.

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