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Plan display "epidemic, infectious disease and public sanitation"

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 Including cholera, rabies, even as for Saga, epidemic was prevalent, and it was resulted in many victims once.

 About the change of hygiene, Health Management Organization to support response of the prefecture when those epidemics were prevalent and health of citizen of the prefecture, we displayed using information about this hotel possession.

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Prefectural report of the Meiji period*gakenchoshitatsu

"Prefectural report"

(Meiji, the Taisho era period)


 "The prefectural office administrative order" of Meiji, the Taisho era period and "prefectural report" equivalent to current Saga bulletin. The prevention, attention awakening to epidemic, news of outbreak were put, too. Thing which board of health (person in charge) in particular preserved is spelled mainly on administrative orders about medical care.

"Mr. hospital teacher suemon tiger line splinter disease theory distribution no ji"

(October 20, 1877, Saga Subprefectural Office 164)


 In 1877 when the Southwestern Rebellion happened, cholera is prevalent nationwide. Notification of distributing cholera theory of foreign teacher Simon's of Saga Hospital (current good straight hall) to each various town official from Saga Subprefectural Office was provided.

 Document of proposal of cholera theory distribution from Saga Hospital is attached, but it is written down in notification that we want to distribute thing which translated the point to comrade (medical doctor) if and when Emergencies of lifesaving becomes there if what Simon edites cholera theory between medical examinations and entrusted Saga Hospital with, the statement watch with keen interest as it was thing deserving.


Appointment bookPublic health center budget record

"Quarantine officer and quarantine inspection committee member appointment book"

(from 1895, "hanninkanishita***")


 From the beginning of the Meiji era to the end of the war, it was the police that played an active part in the spot of hygiene administration including epidemic countermeasures. To quarantine officer, we appointed police sergeant and officer quarantine inspection committee member, and the prefecture put inspector on the duties, but there was person who the person infected, and died at the post.

 There was one of police officer that young officer, Keitaro Masuda dispatched in Higashimatsuura-gun Nyuno total output of a village skewer district with sign of cholera spread in 1895 was engaged earnestly in epidemic countermeasures. Oneself is him who is infected, and died at his post, but we get veneration feeling of villager, and we will be worshiped later in Shinto shrine by the devoted act.

"Public health center expense ni Seki through matter inquiry"

(than 1937, "prefectural public health center building works budget record")


 Health center will be established nationwide as health guidance organization in 1937 by "the public health center method" of establishment.

 We ask other prefectures expense required for public health center setting on installing in this prefecture and take answer from 10 numerical prefectures. Karatsu public health center which became the prefecture's first health center established in 1938.



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