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Site policy

 We place this site as window in the Internet of Saga prefectural government office and manage.

  Department of Saga policy Public Relations and Hearings Division performs general management, administration, but each belonging that we made about individual pages manages and runs. Based on needs of user, we plan more improvement of publication contents and aim at improvement of administrative services.

  When all users accesses this site and uses this, we consider that we agreed to site policy.

  In addition, site policy may be changed without notice. When we change site policy, on this site, we will tell by plain method. We should agree to site policy after change when all users accessed this site for the first time and used this after having presented change.

Link policy

 In these sites, link to top page ( is free in principle. Prior contact is not necessary, but please inform of URL of the link cause to department of Saga policy Public Relations and Hearings Division ([email protected]) when you link.
When link to page except top page is hoped for, please refer to department in charge each.
 In addition, link that it becomes unknown it is contents of link setting in form to be busy in frame of link former site and prefectural homepage is not expected.

 Link to top page ( of Saga homepage can use the next banner.

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Copyright Policy

 As a general rule, letter, photograph, individual information such as illustrations placed in "Saga prefectural government office homepage" and copyright about the "Saga prefectural government office homepage" whole belong to Saga. (but the original work author owns copyrights such as some images.)
 We cannot use reproduction, reproduction, modification, broadcast, transmission, translation, sale, loan without permission unless it was recognized in Copyright Act including "reproduction for private use".


 There is Saga from every aspect with extreme caution about this site. However, Saga does not warrant all about these reliability, safety and does not take responsibility about any damage to occur by user using information of this site and this site again.
 We stop change or deletion, operation of this site or Saga may cancel information on this site without notice. In addition, Saga does not take responsibility about any obstacle resulting from interruption of change of information and deletion and operation of this site or cancellation for whatever reason. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
 Downloading such as browser software or various tools and installation, please be based on responsibility of user. About obstacle and trouble to occur on downloading and installation, this prefecture does not take responsibility for all of compensation for damages and solution to the problem.
 In addition, you may link to homepage that anywhere other than Saga manages from this site top, but please note that you cannot take responsibility about the truth of the contents at all either as Saga is not management, thing to run about linked homepage.

About Web accessibility

 We work on the making of homepage that we considered in accessibility so that anyone can use information and service to offer in official homepage without trouble comfortably in Saga.
 Specifically, as for "elderly person, the person with a disability, apparatus, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and service - Part 3 update making of homepage along "improvement in Saga homepage accessibility manual" that they made in reference to Web contents" Japanese Industrial Standard [JIS X 8341-3: 2004] which is guidelines about accessibility on Web contents.

As for the main contents, please see explanation page of accessibility page

About accessibility
 In addition, we try to update sequentially about thing which cannot support this at present.

About access log

In this site, we record information of accessed in form called access log. Domain name and IP address of accessed, type of browser using, the access date and time are included in access log, but do not include information that can identify individual.

  Access log is utilized for statistical analysis about maintenance management and the use situation of website, but may not be used in other purpose.

Use of cookie (Cookies)

When cookie (Cookies) is data file that website transmits to computer of user, and user came again, we can read website from computer of user.

  We omit trouble that user inputs every time using structure of cookie (Cookies) in some pages and, in this site, may collect history information of page that user visited. We may not get personal information of user by cookie (Cookies).

  In addition, user can refuse receiving of cookie (Cookies). In this case part of service that this site provides may not be available.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


 We change contents without notice or Saga homepage may delete, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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