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About council for Saga consumer life

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 Council for Saga consumer life is attachment engine of the Governer installed based on regulations of by-law Article 41 about consumer life that is security/safety of citizens of Saga to have important matter about stability of consumer life and improvement make study and deliberation.
 Committee member of the council consists of deep people of learning and experience, consumers of understanding and proprietor for the issue of consumers.

Committee member (term: for from November 25, 2014 to November 24, 2016)

At September 8, 2015
Division: People of learning and experience
 Full nameRemarks 
 Katsumi DannoLawyer 
 Yuri KataokaLawyer 
 Satoshi IwamotoDirector of Saga University, vicepresident 
 Reiko AkahoshiSaga University culture department of education's professor 
 ** MaliAssociate Professor at Kumamoto University law department 
 Kiyoko MoriyamaReporter for department of Saga newspaper publisher editorial department life culture 
 德eichikoMeeting saga director of NPO corporation Advisory Specialist for Consumer Affairs 


Division: Consumers representative

 Full nameRemarks 
We remember FukushimaSaga consumership meeting member
Hirohiko KitaSaga consumers' cooperative federation's chairperson


Saga University pedagogy graduate course being on the register roll
Misako KusabaGeneral open call for participants
Fumiko IkedaGeneral open call for participants
Miki SempukuGeneral open call for participants
Yuriko HirataSaga local welfare officer children's committee meeting chairperson committee member
Satoshi Koga law of natureRepresentative from a certain building design room trying to be


Division: Representative of company

 Full nameRemarks 
edakichitsunesoku Saga Chamber of Commerce and Industry federation's executive managing director 
Shizue Obo Saga business and industry society woman part federation's vice-chairperson 
Takashi Maeda IZUMI Co., Ltd. Yumetaun Manager Saga 


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