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We register house dog, and let's receive preventive injection

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With rabies

 It is known that we are infected with all mammals, and of course people are no exception, too. When animal develops in people, about 100% are diseases to die, and about 55,000 a year people die in the world. In addition, 30,000 or more are said to be the dead in the Asia region soon.People and animal

 We can prevent the onset by inoculating vaccine into (after having been bitten by dog) after the infection in people, but it is done with the most effective precaution that we let dog receive preventive injection.


With Rabies Prevention Law

 By Rabies Prevention Law, registration and rabies vaccination of dog to municipalities are required to owner to take quick measures against this rabies in Japan when we grasp the breeding situation of dog, and rabies occurred, and to prevent the fashion of rabies and infection to people.
 91 days after birth or more dogs enroll in each municipality, and let me receive rabies vaccination by all means every year. In addition, please attach to dog by all means as it has been injected with license of dog after registration and the injection, and vote is issued.

 In addition, when dog is lost; license of this dog have been injected, and recognize owner by vote, and become easy to find dog. (it has been injected, and vote is issued by telling office after receiving injection every year.)

                   License (Saga-shi) of dog               Have been injected; vote

                 Dog license (Saga-shi)             Have been injected; vote (Saga-shi)


Example of wearing method of license, injection finished vote

  • detailed wearing method to fix in unity band this With new window(124KB, PDF file)
  • We put on at metal ring
  • We use commercial exclusive case


 Wearing image with metal ring With new window

Wearing image with metal ring 




Place of preventive injection

Dog walk We can receive in animal Hospital in neighborhood. In addition, please receive injection in designated venues such as public halls nearby as guidance of meeting injection comes to where dog is registered with every year from each municipality during period from April through June.

 Please refer to department in charge of each municipality for person who has not finished registration of dog yet.




To person made a voyage to to foreign countries (please be careful)

  In Japan, there is no outbreak of rabies in example in animals of 1957 (Showa 32) last. However, instance that returns home after having been bitten by dog in foreign country, and developed occurs two in one case, 2006 in 1970, and it is necessary to warn enough in travel ahead.

 In addition, outbreak is Taiwan which there was not, but, in 2013, rabies occurs as well as Japan more than 50 years. 

  • Prevent dog from touching in overseas destination carelessly.
  • In Southeast Asia or China with much outbreak of rabies, please be careful in particular.
  • When you are bitten by dog abroad, please be treated for medical institution immediately.
  • As we can receive preventive injection before travel in Japan, please consult with each medical institution in detail. In addition, about medical institution which can be vaccinated of rabies, we can confirm on Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare quarantine station homepage We open with the other window(external link).


       The world rabies development situation   



Rabies occurred in Taiwan in July, 2013 

 Taiwan was the world that rabies did not produce along with Japan, Australia, Hawaii, but it was a little local one, but, in Taiwan, it was in rabies occurrence country by Taiwanese Council of Agriculture having announced, "we confirmed that wild ferret badger (weasel department) infected rabies" on July 16, 2013.

 In addition, on 10th, we announced, "rabies developed in dog bitten by ferret badger infected with rabies" in September of the year.


  When rabies develops, both animal and person are terrible diseases that 100% die.


  If "we possess, and there is, there is no sorrow"


 Owners of dog will do registration, injection based on Rabies Prevention Law.
  ※ Ferret badger prohibits import from all countries to Japan by law about medical care for the patients with prevention of infectious disease and infectious disease after 2003.


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