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We carry out atomic bomb A-bomb victim health examination

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We carry out atomic bomb A-bomb victim health examination

 We carry out periodical medical examination, cancer screening to plan improvement of cancellation and health care of healthy anxiety for atomic bomb A-bomb victims in Saga.

 We carry out periodical health examination in spring every year in autumn, and are from October 1 to November 30 during the second consultation period from May 1 to June 30 during the first consultation period.

 As I send "consultation vote" "medical examination individual vote" to target person from Public Health and Welfare Office of the jurisdiction beforehand, in the case of consultation, you have medical examination by all means for fixed period, and please go out.

 In addition, about consultation of "2020 (Raiwa 2) atomic bomb A-bomb victim commuter pass medical examination", emergency declaration pertaining to new coronavirus infectious disease was canceled, but hopes that we have you note as follows.


For infection countermeasures, please note the following points until outbreak of 1 new model coronavirus infectious disease converges.

 ・Consulted and family do not have respiratory symptoms such as fever and a cough, sneezing, or please confirm.

 ・Basics of infectious disease countermeasures including new coronavirus are "hand-washing" and "a cough etiquette including wearing of mask".

  When medical examination is undergone, I would like cooperation to infectious disease countermeasures.


Case not to carry out the health examination concerned is assumed by judgment of 2 medical institutions. Please talk about medical institution to consult, consultation time with each medical institution beforehand.



Conduct method


1 eligible person
 Person who has health handbook of an A-bomb victim having place of residence in Saga 
2 implementation period
 (the first) From May 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to June 30 

   (the second) From October 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to November 30 

3 study implementation organization

  Oh, medical examination periodical among medical institutions which member of Saga Medical Association belongs to

    But, medical institution possible

  Periodical medical examination conduct medical institution which concludes Saga and consignment contract among medical institutions except ia 

4 testees have

  • Identification of health handbook of an A-bomb victim or medical examination testee
  •   問診票
  •   健康診断個人票(2部複写)
  •   要精密者連絡票
  •   交通手当請求書(希望者のみ)






1 提出期限




2 提出書類 



 3 送付先


   佐賀中部保健福祉事務所      849-8585      佐賀市八丁畷町1-20          0952-30-1673
   鳥栖保健福祉事務所   841-0051    鳥栖市元町1234-1    0942-83-3579
   唐津保健福祉事務所   847-0012    唐津市大名小路3-1    0955-73-4187
   伊万里保健福祉事務所   848-0041    伊万里市新天町122-4      0955-23-2101
   杵藤保健福祉事務所   843-0023    武雄市武雄町昭和265    0954-22-2103  








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