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Tanada collection of links

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Saga Tanada network Facebook

In cooperation with homepage, network member sends event information of Tanada, information such as the situation of Tanada, farm products of Tanada!

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Let's meet in Tanada
It is PR site of 2017 Tanada volunteer activity support project.
We introduce recruitment of Tanada volunteers Tanada area of 2017.
You can see picture rare beautifully of Tanada who photographed in drone from the sky by Tanada introduction!
Let's meet in Tanada
It is PR site of 2016 Tanada volunteer activity support project.
We introduce Tanada area that recruited Tanada volunteers in 2016.
You can see picture rare beautifully of Tanada who photographed in drone from the sky by Tanada introduction!
Warabino Tanada direct sale place
There is Warabino Tanada to 200m - 400m above sea level in halfway up a mountain of Mt. Yahata of Karatsu-shi, Saga knowing each other, and piling-stones are very beautiful Tanada.
We publish state full of nature of Tanada and farm village, a lot of event information.
Amakawa Koshihikari blog
We introduce rice and the four seasons of Amakawa district selling as special cultivation meter in Kyuragimachiamagawa, Karatsu-shi, Saga district.
Amakawa Koshihikari FB
District where Amakawa (Amakawa) is old, and rice is more delicious. Area becomes as one and produces rice of approach "security" "relief", Amakawa Koshihikari (special cultivation). Photograph and videos are varied and introduce state of producer and rice.
Tanada of Hamanoura in Genkai-cho is beautiful Tanada who can look around to the sea which was chosen as 100 selections of Japanese Tanada.
We publish guidebook and brochure of Tanada of Hamanoura.
Hamanoura FB
Is recognized in "100 selections Tanada" "Saga's heritage" "sacred place for lovers", "want to go before die! We were introduced as world superb view.
The 21st whole country Tanada summit is held in Genkai-cho on Saturday on 24th on Friday, October 23, 2015.
In addition, come by all means as you place event and restaurant, accommodation information held in Genkai-cho in the town block.
Hand work of take
We name "hand work of take" and establish FB.
We send event information such as Tanada Festival of Mt. Tanada T-shirt art shop.
Please come to play with family or friend with your friends.
Corner mountain HP
There is Mt. corner Tanada district at back to 250m above sea level in the western part of Imari-shi, Kunimi Mountains.
We performed Tanada maintenance in 2001 and worked on the making of environment of village taking the opportunity of this. We plant cluster amaryllis, hydrangea, cherry blossoms, and many flowers begin to bloom now. In addition, agriculture experience center "interesting studio wild cherry tree" is completed for 26 years and performs making soba experiences.
Corner mountain FB
As we cut rice-transplanting, rice by "owner corner mountain Tanada system", and cluster amaryllis blooms in corner mountain Tanada neatly in event and autumns such as experience, making soba experience, please come to see by all means.
Kingo farm
It is farm led by owner Kingo Yoshida♪
The cause of cooperation of various people performs activity "making water and green and air" of Imari-shi, Saga.
Not only photograph but also video introduces states of agriculture and event of Tanada a lot!
hiranono Tanada
Plains district is farmhouse commuity located the west of Taku-shi, Saga. Farmers cooperate and manufacture and sell Tanada rice. It is "Yume-shizuku" which true heart loads "hirano Tanada rice" with cold clean spring from valley and spring lotus flower grass as manure and brought up.
We introduce sale of rice and event in hirano Tanada.


We bring up cotton in Chanoki (chiyanoki) district of Fujimachi, Saga-shi, field of good heap of views. Traditional kind that it was cultivated at the Ariake Sea coast from the Edo era what we planted, and has been inherited. Both adult including the making of workshop and tea picking, nagashi somen and pizza spinning thread from cotton which we harvested and child work with all one's might and are playing.
Noodles spin the sea and mountain, area and person, and Chanoki is project bringing up together, too.
Saga farm village open space
They touch naturally, and Roadside Station that prepared fresh vegetables brought up, restaurant that can just taste fresh taste and recommended souvenir are introduced by slow attention spot and rich nature!
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