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Owned by a prefecture property bargain sale Q&A

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Please confirm guidance of owned by a prefecture property bargain sale article from the following link pages.

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What kind of Q1 article is there?


There is the following thing in article which Saga sells.

  1. Site for single-family house houses
    Article relatively suitable for the use as single-family house houses in small scale.
  2. Site for small and medium size scale development
     Scale is relatively big, article for construction of sale in lots or facility of single-family house house.


Is there article appearing in Q2 homepage?


As well as article publishing in homepage, there is article stimulating preparations toward future bargain sale.

 Please refer to the next contact information for the owned by a prefecture property bargain sale whole including "article information that you have not placed in homepage yet" and "article information that you are going to put on sale in ○○ city in future".


(contact information)

We utilize Saga Department of General Affairs Asset Management Division assets strategy, profit and are in charge

Telephone: 0952-25-7197 FAX: 0952-25-7248

Email: [email protected]


merit who purchases Q3 owned by a prefecture property?


As Saga sells, it does not take brokerage fee in case of the real estate purchase.


What kind of cost does it entail other than the price for Q4 land and building?

When we have you purchase owned by a prefecture property, other than the price for land and building (amount of contract), the following expense is necessary.


  1. Expenses such as resident's cards required for bid, contract, expenses such as the postage
  2. Expenses about tax such as registration and license tax to be necessary in the case of revenue stamp to attach on contract, the ownership transfer registration


※ Taxes such as real estate acquisition tax are necessary after the purchase other than the expense becoming needed in buying and selling procedure. For more details, please confirm to prefectural tax office of the location municipalities jurisdiction of article.


What does method of Q5 bargain sale have?


 Up-and-coming method is big, and there are open bid and two ways of thing by reception desk of first-come-first-served basis.


Q6 open bid?


 Bid participant competes for price, and target price (the minimum sale price) that Saga determines is bid the highest price for in the above and method buying and selling.
 Unlike auction (auction method), submission of form of bid becomes only once by one bid.


What is Q7 target price?


 In the case of open bid of owned by a prefecture place sale, we announce target price about the minimum sale price that Saga determines.


Can you purchase by Q8 combination?


Case used together or case that divides, and is used for the purpose of each can participate in bid together.
 In that case, please submit report of representative election or seal registration certificate of the joint purchase allcomers within application period.


When you cannot come on the day of Q9 bid, what would you do?


 When applicant cannot participate on the day of the bid, even agent can participate.
 Of agent when cannot participate, submit forms of bid by mail beforehand, and by having pay tender bond, can participate in bid.


Q10 tender bond? When it is not made a bid for, do you come back?


 When you have you participate in bid of local government, tender bond is necessary, and please leave 5% or more of bid amounts of money to bid.
 To person who was not knocked down as a result of bid, we refund tender bond taking in full.

 About successful bidder, we allot tender bond taking to contract deposit.


When it is not knocked down Q11, how does the bid turn out?


When bidding price does not reach target price (the minimum sale price), we bid again on the spot.
 When even re-bid is not knocked down, the bid becomes the end and jumps into fame in open bid again.
※ In the case of bid by Yahoo Auctions site, we do not bid again.


Q 12 contract deposit?


By conclusion of contract, please deliver amount of money of 10% or more of amount of contract as contract deposit.
 As you allot tender bond taking at the time of bid, please deliver amount of money that deducted bid bond amount of money from 10% of amount of contract for contract deposit.

 Contract deposit allots to a part of the total amount trading value.


How long are land and building which purchased Q13 usable?


 As proprietary rights move to buyer when buyer paid purchase money to total amount Saga, you can use land and building from the point in time.
 Saga registers ownership transfer in Legal Affairs Bureau to prove that buyer became owner of land and building if we can confirm trading value payment.


What should the Q14 ownership transfer registration do?


 Saga is Legal Affairs Bureau, and buyer performs the ownership transfer registration after Saga confirmed that trading value was paid fully.

 As advance preparation when Saga registers, please submit resident's card, seal registration certificate and revenue stamp of the amount of registration and license tax equivalency to Saga.


Q15 registration and license tax?


 It is tax to be necessary when we register ownership transfer.
 As you tell about amount of money of registration and license tax toward the buyer before registering ownership transfer, hand revenue stamp of registration and license tax equivalency sum to Saga before you register.

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