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Edible meat inspection summary of Saga

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We install "Saga Meat Standards Inspection Center" to offer safe edible meat in Saga and conduct the following affairs

It is *kensa in this

It is veterinarian, and, based on abattoir law (1953 law No. 114), "*kensain" is inspection to carry out to secure safety of edible meat about beast (cow, horse, pig, noodles sheep, goat) carried in for the purpose of offering this in food with *kensa.
Photograph: State of examination for living body of pig

Examination for <living body> 

*kensain inspects this ocularly about beast before slaughtering and performs palpation, examination by examination by a stethoscope.

When we admit that we might carry beast and disease that we judged not to be suitable for food here, we prohibit the dismantling to slaughter. (as for the photograph state of examination for living body of pig)

Photograph: State of examination of dismantling of cow

<we inspect after the dismantling>

We inspect mainly on incision, ocular inspection and palpation such as lymph nodes for the internal organs and carcass after slaughtering.

As for the lesion which we confined, only as for the part, systemic illness including epidemic scraps all. 

In addition, we gather specimens such as blood or organ as needed and give a precision test. (as for the photograph state of examination of dismantling of cow)





It is examination to supplement the inspection mentioned above, and to perform in examination examination room. We culture bacteria and check with microscope and inspect using various machine appliances, medicines.


Photograph: State of the residual antibiotic detection test using liquid chromatography

(1) Examination for physics and chemistry

We inspect various components of blood and judge uremia or jaundice.

In addition, using apparatuses such as liquid chromatography, it detects residual antibiotics eating flesh. (as for the photograph state of the residual antibiotic detection test using liquid chromatography)

Photograph: State of pathological examination

(2) Pathological examination

By macrography, we make preparation about lesion not to understand and perform pathological examination.

We fix the lesion with formalin and we slice and dye with pigment and observe with microscope.

There are many dyeing methods and uses properly by organization to want to see. There is that it is revealed whether tumor is benign only after it seeing with microscope to be malignant a lot. For example, food cannot provide cow leukemia that tumor extends to systemically.

Photograph: State of bacteriological examination
(3) Bacteriological examination

We gather a part of carcass and the internal organs and, about thing that livestock epidemic and sepsis are doubted, culture and are doing inspection to check whether there are bacteria. By this inspection, we can know states of bacteria pollution of edible meat not to understand macroscopically and do.



Seal of approval

After the inspection mentioned above, we stamp thing which passed with seal of approval and circulate as edible meat.



*kensaketsukajohohisagekyo gives this free

 We give service to tell person that domestic animal (cow, pig) was carried in to abattoir (Saga edible meat center or Tara edible meat center) in Saga about future and *kensaketsuka.

 We add up one and *kensaketsuka of domestic animal carried in every month and tell about the outbreak situation of illness to have you make use of *kensaketsuka for disease prevention of domestic animal in the stage of production in this.

 For more details, please confirm the following.


 Producer (individual) who wish to use service,


 Shipment group which wish to use service,


Please submit this to our inspection station. In addition, please consult with the following reference about any unclear points by mention methods. 


BSE (TSE) inspection

We abolish inspection  of healthy cow from 1 April 1, 2017

  It was said that risk difference when we abolished when we continued BSE inspection of health cow more than age in the reevaluation of food health influence pertaining to review of BSE country countermeasures of the Food Safety Commission of August, 2016 for current 48 months could ignore health influence on people very small, and it was said that BSE inspection was not necessary about health cow. We perform work along guidelines that country will show in future in Saga and continue the removal of identification danger part (SRM) in abattoir and decide to carry out BSE inspection when we judge that inspection is necessary from the viewpoint of illness differentiation among cows age or more more for 24 months after birth.


The BSE study implementation situation of 2 pasts

 Until from October, 2001 to June, 2013, we carried out cow slaughtered in the prefecture, noodles sheep, BSE (TSE) inspection of all heads of goat in Saga, and BSE has not been confirmed to date. About the past BSE study implementation situation, please see "about BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) screening examination".


Photograph: It is state of inspection after the evisceration of chicken by examiner
<examination of meal bird>
In Saga, we entrust Saga food chicken hygiene association authorized as designated inspection organization by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare with inspection duties, and examiner (veterinarian) of association inspects meal bird. In this office, we carry out authorization based on monitoring, instruction and law of disposal facility mainly. (photograph inspects after the evisceration of chicken by examiner)
The meal bird processing number of birds of Saga is production of broilers prefecture next to Kagoshima, Miyazaki in Kyushu. In addition, the processing number of birds in the prefecture is about 20 million a year and is the sixth place next to Hokkaido.

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