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We accept registration application of the temporary appointment staff (full-time lecturer, part-time teacher) of Saga public school in 2020

The last update date:
       Registration of (full-time lecturer, part-time teacher) such as lecturers concerned with employment of temporary appointment staff accepts registration application as follows

    The registration application point of the temporary appointment staff

    1.Necessary certificates by the types of job

    The type of job

    School class



    Full-time lecturer

    Elementary school

    Junior high school

    High school

    Special support school

    Education of desired school class

    The staff certificate

      We appoint as substitute, assistance to vacation, parental leave in after giving birth in vacancy supplement, sick leave, before childbirth.

      We appoint as the temporary staff of a school within one year.

      Salaries follow the official adoption staff of a school and provide.

     Office workers are school desk work, school engineer, member of farm, members of assistance.

    Assistant nurse-teacher

    School nurse certificate

    The school nourishment staff

    Nutrition instructor certificate 

    Dietician driver's license

    Office workers



    Assistant for training

    High *

    Dormitory instructor

    Special support school

     Member of cooking

    Part-time teacher

    Primary, middle and high schools, *

    Education of desired school class

    The staff certificate

      We pay reward per one hour depending on working hours.

     ※It possesses certificates of desired school class or the type of job, or it is necessary that the acquisition has a possibility, and there is. 

    2.Qualification necessary to register lecturers

      1. Healthy person
      2. Person who does not correspond to regulations of each issue of Local Public Service Law Article 16

    3.Application method

    1. "Lecturers to Saga Education Bureau Education Personnel Division at Saga public school send registration application" (mail or email) or please bring if you would like to adopt without distinction between full-time employment, part-time service about registration such as lecturers.
    2. Attached "lecturers at Saga public school download registration application" (style) (Excel file) about style of application, and please attach photograph by all means.
    3. In entry of attachment and, as for "the lecturers, "lecturers at Saga public school, please refer to registration application" (entry example) (Excel file) for registration application" (PDF file). I would like enough confirmation about expiration date of staff of education certificate in particular.                          

    4.Attention about lecturer registration

    1. Lecturer registration is necessary for that it is past in which the teaching profession (including the temporary appointment staff) does not have, and there is not the teaching profession's experience now to attend update class for teaching certificate update.
    2. We accept application for registration such as lecturers at any time. And registered lecturers introduce applicant in each prefectural school and prefectural bottom municipalities Board of Education. Afterwards, notification will be done depending on outbreak of vacation from prefectural school and municipalities Board of Education in after giving birth in sick leave and before childbirth of the staff of a school by registrants such as lecturers. Therefore, it may not be adopted immediately even if we register.
    3. We update registration such as lecturers every year on July 1. It is from day when we accepted written application to June 30 of the next year during registration period. Please submit application again if you would like to register lecturers in people whom registration period terminated again. In fact, please update person appointed at school by lecturers in the prefecture every year.

        [example of registration period]

    (1)  We submit for from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 → Until June 30, 2019

    (2)  We submit for from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019  → Until June 30, 2020

         Example of lecturer registration period

      4. It is not necessary for which "lecturer appointment registration application" was submitted to in the case of application in Saga public school teacher adoption selection test (teacher employment examination) which takes an exam, and was applied for in 2020 (2019 conduct) to submit "registration application to these lecturers at Saga public school". <until registration period June 30, 2020>
      5. When there are not lecturers for employment and moving in lecturers who registered, please inform of deletion of registration immediately.
      6. In having old certificate, as for the license update class which completion confirmation time limit does not know, please see "teaching certificate update system" (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology homepage) We open with the other window(external link). We open with the other window(external link)

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