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Plan display "many Shinto shrine Shrine details books of the Meiji period"

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 In 1871, the government placed Shinto as national religious service and, by large politicians and bureaucrats proclamation "fixed amount, rules such as Shinto priesthood office organization lower than government shrine", established modern shrine ranking system. Shinto shrine is placed under national management, protection, and every matter about Shinto shrine will be established in legal system. For 12 years, the Department of the Interior gave each prefectures an order for making of the Shinto shrine of format (the number of shrine ranking, enshrined deity, history, the parishioners) that we unified and temple details book and managed. We performed display using information about Shinto shrine government in the prefecture at the time.

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Shinto shrine caseThe Kishima-gun details book




Main display material introduction


*tokushinshazuReport of transfer


 When *tokuinekashinsha applied for promotion from village shrine to prefectural shrine, it is illustrated map which we attached. If Shinto shrine applied for promotion and line case of shrine ranking, we attached the details, authenticating certificate, illustrated map of Shinto shrine to application and submitted to the prefecture.

 Request for promotion was permitted than Secretary of the Interior in 1879.

The shrines and temples details book transfer report

 When the items mentioned of the Shinto shrine details book had change, we reported the prefecture to the Department of the Interior. As for the contents of transfer, there were error in writing correction of the details book, move, reconstruction of building, address change, enshrining together by merger of cities, towns and villages.


Matsubara ShrineKaratsu Shrine

The Matsubara Shrine details book
(around 1879-1880)

 ho* did Saga ancestor of a lord Naoshige Nabeshima in 1772 (Anei 1), and Matsubara Shrine was founded and was called nichihodaimeishin.

 In 1872, it is the first feudal lord We enshrined Katsushige Nabeshima together, and south palace dedicated to Kita and Naomasa Nabeshima who enshrined person of dragon building a temple in site in the next year was built. We were raised to prefectural shrine for eight years.

The Karatsu Shrine details book
(around 1879-1880)

 Soji Kanda of feudal lord is informed by emperor Karatsu Shrine in Shinto shrine dedicated to Sumiyoshi Mikami said to that we protect the body from evil in 755 (Tenpyo-shoho 7) as he was pleased to grant title of Karatsu Daimyojin.

 When we were raised to village shrine in 1873, we were renamed to Karatsu Shrine and were promoted to prefectural shrine in 1942.


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