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 Cultural properties protection measures of building, art craft, remains, natural object, scenic spot have been taken while cultural properties protection policy of our country beginning early in the Meiji era, and matching with social conditions. We introduced the change of cultural properties protection system before Cultural Properties Protection Law being established in 1950 and displayed cultural assets Surveys of the Taisho era period, document about preservation repair. [session: for from October 7, 2016 to January 29, 2017]

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Report of national treasure destruction by fire        National treasure transfer application

   Report of Matsubara Shrine national treasure destruction by fire          Request for person of national treasure storage regular ni supervisor separate placement

(November 16, 1923)          (May 16, 1919)

 Triggered by the gods and Buddha separation law that the government proclaimed in 1868, anti-Buddhist movement spread through the whole country, and there were cultural assets which temples possessed about Buddhism for crisis of destruction, being washed away. Country investigated ancient documents in ancient shrines and temples of the whole country, art craft, book trace, building and established ancient shrines and temples Conservation Act in 1897, and first Japanese cultural assets designation was performed. We restricted private right by said law for shrines and temples which owned appointed treasures and decided to have carry managerial responsibility, and prevention of scatter of cultural assets was institutionalized legally in this way.

 The left image is reserve of Notifecations that three points of national treasures of Matsubara Shrine (Saga-shi) possession were destroyed by fire. We submitted transfer application to residence of Tokyo of the Nabeshimas that was origin of oblation to Minister of Education for the reason of office not having suitable place that kept national treasure (the image right), and the Shinto shrine was allowed. However, the Nabeshimas residence encountered fire by the Great Kanto Earthquake of September, 1923, and national treasure reported that it was destruction by fire to country at the same time, too.





National treasure repair dossierRepair assistance wish    Repair report     Japanese yen model reverend sedentary image

National treasure repair dossier


 Bottom referred money of preservation and, in ancient shrines and temples Conservation Act established in 1897, planned economical support for maintenance repair that owner of appointed cultural assets performed.

 We repaired 5 temples, 11 points of national treasures (sculpture) in total in supporting business of country in temporary factory of wide fortune defense of the fatherland temple belonging to the Zen sect of Takeo-shi in Saga in 1915. Request for repair assistance application of the case, subsidy management method, national treasure repair tray minus number contract, repair specifications are spelled, and damage state, repair method and expense are listed in *satsu "national treasure repair dossier". Image of the right-side end is graphic representation of Japanese yen model reverend sedentary image of Takajo temple (Taiwa-cho, Saga-shi) possession, and part done vermilion coating is repair point in repair business at this time.


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